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Deals that require participation

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Am I the only person who gets annoyed when people post deals that require participation, meaning you have to do so many silver and gold level sponsor things to actually receive the deal posted? I am an avid online shopper and I know these types of deals posted are not great deals. I dislike people being mislead when these types of deals are posted. I'm just wondering if they annoy any other members since I am seeing more and more of them.
wonderwoman1969 (L2) posted Aug 15, 2012

I agree....it wastes time to weed through the garbage. This site use to be completely different. I would check it out multiple times a day and get some incredible freebies. Now I don't even come multiple times a week.

nskcsf (L4) posted Aug 16, 2012


I accidently posted one the other day..I too dislike these and understand your frustration and annoyance.

xptrish (L5) posted Aug 16, 2012


I am a single mom and so I do a lot of internet shopping to save money. I've tried freebie sites and they are a lot of work. It is true for the majority of the time, "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is".

I check several sites for daily deals but this site is by far one of my favorites. When people post completion deal links, it takes me longer to view all of the real deals. I don't consider having to complete X amount of silver and gold deals to get a product a deal.

An example of what type of deal I'm speaking of ...
The post will read, "free Macy's gift card" and the link will be http://www.prizepagoda.com/?oid=256gfzss&clk=4f006b99d7627e8ca0de9flf99363348&s=4562&sl=PF52300

wonderwoman1969 (L2) posted Aug 16, 2012


You've only been on this site for a year- and have posted one deal and plussed 28 deals.
How would you know?

MdavidK30 (L5) posted Aug 17, 2012


$1000 macys gift card who is gona fall for that one that link is spam most likely put your email and you will get flooded with spam

rd995 (L5) posted Aug 17, 2012