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DEAR GOD!!! Can somebody PLEASE help me by telling me which tablet will give me the most bang for my buck?? I am so confused!

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I want to purchase a tablet that works as well as an Ipad, but doesn't come with the price tag! There are so many options out there, I don't know what to do! Someone told me Toshiba Thrive, another friend said Kindle Fire? I will basically use it like a laptop (for web surfing, Facebook, music, email, online shopping). Any suggestions???
demerebowen posted Jan 03, 2012

If you use it like a labtop, then buy a cheaper laptop.

jdswirsky (rep: 3.6k) posted Jan 03, 2012


i don't want a cheaper laptop, i want a tablet. any suggestions? my point was, I am not making movies on the thing....just regular everyday use.

demerebowen (new user) posted Jan 03, 2012


for everyday use, i think the kindle fire is actually a really good deal. it's decently can easily web browse, you can play games and do your usual shopping. having said that, you should keep two things in mind, in my opinion..

1. the iPad is a pretty nice piece of machinery. it's bigger, heavier, and more costly than the fire, but it does have more apps (which only matters if you use those certain apps).

2. the iPad does not support flash, which for many people may be a downfall.

I've seen other tablets as well, such as the Samsung Galaxy. Though I think those are nice too, I don't feel like you get as much bang for your buck when compared to the Fire. What you can do is go to your local Best Buy or similar merchant and try out the Kindle Fire. That's what I did. to my surprise, it was a bit better than I expected.

I have an iPad and totally think it's worth the money, but if you're going for bang for buck..then my current vote is for the Fire ($199). When you start to go cheaper in costs than that, you end up getting screens that you need to really push down instead of the streamless easy touch screens. Good luck.

nimrodboy3 (rep: 68.2k) posted Jan 03, 2012


The Fire is very nice. It cannot be stressed enough that it is a 7 inch device, however. After using a 10 inch device, 7 can seem surprisingly small, especially the longer you use it. Think about that. Hey, maybe that would be a plus for you.

Like everyone else says, iPad is great. High quality, but expensive and restrictive, at times.

Various 10 inch android tablets dont cost that much less than the iPad. So I m not sure they are that much of a better value. You could consider getting a Viewsonic G Tablet. Its a 10 inch tablet with good hardware and a crummy version of Android 2.2. You would most likely want to install a better os. (Its not too hard, a couple sites will walk you thru it.) Its only $299 or so.

So, Im sorry, nobody can tell you what you should get for sure. If you think your cool with a 7 incher, get the Fire. If you want a 10", but money is a problem: Its gonna be some kinda android tab. They are all very similar, as far as im concerned. If you dont hate Apple and money is not as much of an issue: iPad

Benchp300 (rep: 6) posted Jan 03, 2012


I'd say wait till CES (next week). A lot of companies will come out with "new" tablets. For now, your best bet is the Asus Transformer Prime. First quad core tablet, slick and thin, 10.1". It has a keyboard dock for easy typing (+$149), so its essentially a tablet/laptop combined. Asus Prime cost $499 retail, supposedly pretty hard to find right now. You should watch some videos in how the keyboard dock works. Its pretty amazing.

skyline (rep: 1.6k) posted Jan 03, 2012


I was in that process a month ago,now I'm simply waiting for the best deal in the Motorola Xoom. The one with the best capacities I think is the Toshiba, but it is really heavy and thick, so next in the lines for me is the Xoom.

boricotico (rep: 16) posted Jan 03, 2012


When I was researching to purchase one for my daughter I determined the Lenovo A1 was the best I could afford (got it for $199. at BestBuy). I chose it over the Kindle cause it had a camera and she likes to skype.

rdsd221 (rep: 16) posted Jan 04, 2012


I received the Fire for Christmas and I couldn't be happier. I wanted a tablet pretty badly, but I didn't want it to be so large I couldn't really carry it around easily, which would result in just using it at home and that would be pointless as I'd just rather use my desktop/laptop then. 7" is PERFECT in my opinion (hehehe) as it's bigger than a cell phone but still portable. I have been able to find all the apps I wanted, and have had ZERO issues with the browser. The fact that it has no camera doesn't bother me cause I don't skype out in public so I just use my laptop at home when I need a camera. The screen is beautiful too, so for $200 it can't be beat in my opinion!

jlarson328 (rep: 15) posted Jan 04, 2012


also, the keypad is very responsive. I never understood the addition of a seperate keyboard to a tablet...why wouldn't you just get a laptop then? To me, the whole point of a tablet is maximized usage and benefits while still being completely portable. Laptops are portable to a point, but I can't pull a laptop out of my purse to look something up real 2 cents :)

jlarson328 (rep: 15) posted Jan 04, 2012


What are you looking to do with it? The best bang for your buck completely depends on what your needs are.

bbattag (rep: 7k) posted Jan 04, 2012


If you really, really want an ipad why not consider a factory refurbed model? Same product, same warrinty but all the bugs are worked out. The price is also much lower.

skaro964 (rep: 24.6k) posted Jan 05, 2012


If you can wait another month or so, news of release of iPad3 may drop the price of iPad2.

chuckydealpl (rep: 59.7k) posted Jan 05, 2012


your best bet is the asus transformer. optional keyboard dock turns it into a laptop. either get the current one for cheap or wait for the prime. i use mine for everything.

anothersn (rep: 321) posted Jan 05, 2012


so what did you end up going with?

nimrodboy3 (rep: 68.2k) posted May 12, 2012