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Dharun Ravi - Rutgers University Hate Crime Case

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30 days in jail, $10,000 fine, 300 hours of community service, no deportation, a dim future. What do you guys think?
arsiel posted May 21, 2012

even tho he didnt kill the guy directly his actions made the guy kill himself so he should had been facing longer jail time but thats how the system works

rd995 (rep: 151k) posted May 21, 2012


I'm totally agree with Rd995. I guess 30 days in jail is not enough. I prefer he got 30 months. We need to show to people that we'll do serious justice for hate crime.

newguy (rep: 298k) posted May 22, 2012


I think it was adequate. You need to consider that he was not charged with anything related to the death. The 30 days given by the judge was much more than recommended to him, which was parole only. He was charged with invasion of privacy, bias intimidation, witness tampering and hindering arrest.

What he did was wrong, but there is no way to prove he directly caused the death of Tyler, which is why he was not charged for it. That alone did not cause him to commit suicide and most experts seem to think there was much more going on with him that led to his death.

That interesting prospective I heard today, which is probably true is that the school would've handled it alone if Tyler didnt commit suicide and Dharun wouldn't have been charged for anything legally. Keep in mind that both Dharum and Tyler violated school rules. Having sex in the dorm room is again dorm rules, as is spying on someone.

What would have happened if he spied on a heterosexual couple and the girl committed suicide after? Most likely none of us would've known about it outside of the NJ area. It would've been handled completely differently.

"In recent days, several prominent gay activists have made public pleas for Ravi to not be sent to prison." I think this is very important, as many prominent people, gay and straight, have asked for him not to go to prison.

Like them, I believe it was a stupid, immature thing done by an 18 year old, who had no intention of causing someone to die. He has now spent 2 years hiding from the public and will spend another 2 years on parole and is likely to not get back to a normal life for many years.

I believe he would've done the exact same thing if he had a roommate who was having sex with an ugly girl. Would we call that a hate crime?

bbattag (rep: 7k) posted May 22, 2012


I have to agree with bbattag. I do really feel sad for Tyler but I think a prank like this is probably played in colleges all the time and we just don't know about it because there is not such an extreme reaction to it ever!

Florida2Texas (rep: 15.1k) posted May 22, 2012


bullying is wrong for children...but these are when does it end? Go to a bar, get in a fight, and then that person kills them self and you go to jail....? When would end, look at someone the wrong way and go to jail....these are adults, this country needs to MAN up.

encorez (rep: 10k) posted May 22, 2012


I gotta agree with Rez. I hate it for the kid, but can't do a thing to make someone kill his or herself. A person predisposed to suicide is going to find a trigger (no pun intended) that pushes them from suicidal to a very sad statistic. One of my best friends killed himself when we were 25, and I STILL...22 years later ask myself what I could have done to prevent it. The answer? Nothing.

Same with this kid.

As for "bullying". Yeah its horrible, but I feel it is the "next" hot political trigger. Can we really stop it and make everybody play nice? Nope. Should we? Not if we want our kids to grow up and be unable to deal with difficult people. As for the we really want them suppressing that all of their youth to become bullies as adults? Or would we rather them push the wrong kid, get his ass handed to him as a child and turn out to be a decent adult?

I think the second.

nthsll (rep: 12.5k) posted May 22, 2012


If he was so "focused on his studies" what was he doing setting up a webcam to spy on his roommate. Please. You can follow basic rules of decency or leave the country. Plenty of other people would love to take advantage of the opportunity to study in the U.S. and not abuse it.

dealwagger (rep: 10.3k) posted May 22, 2012