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Do you have a real cherished Christmas memory? Or maybe just a holiday memory?

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As a kid, there are so many memories that are made during the holidays. Did one stand out for you? Did one make a difference to you? Maybe even as an adult?
nimrodboy3 posted Dec 07, 2010
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When I was little, my best friend's parents divorced shortly before Christmas. :-( We were Jewish, and she'd come over during Chanukkah to get gifts and help light our Chanukkiah (menorah), and we kids would celebrate Christmas with her family... which included all the kids going out LATE Christmas EVE to get the biggest tree we could. We would all decorate like crazy (I had a lot of hot air, so I blew on the tinsel), and then pass out next to the tree in sleeping bags. Somehow, Santa Always snuck in! ;-)

Anyway, that year, her dad got the tree with her brother only, and set it up a week before - she never even got a chance to help, and was really sad. That Christmas eve fell on a Friday, and my family was on the way to temple, when we saw the PERFECT tree... Dad stopped the car and we got the tree for her. (Our first year - boy were we clutzy!) The family wasn't home when we got to her place (still at Mass)... so we snuck in through a window to open a door, and set up the tree - in her bedroom, by her bed! We decorated with our Chanukkah stuff... and some ribbon...

When we got back from temple services that night (we were late!), she was on our doorstep. Happy tears.

I wish we could all remember all year , that it's not religion, or politics, but love that makes the world go 'round.

privacypleas (rep: 55) posted Dec 08, 2010