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Does anyone use Pinecone Research?

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Hi all, I've been doing surveys with Pinecone Research and I love that survey group better than any other. I just would like to start getting paid with PayPal instead of paper checks.

BUT I don't want to pay a fee. I know if you get paid through PayPal there is usually a fee, but I don't get charged by Swagbucks which I use and receive payments through PayPal (Swagbucks probably foots that). Does anyone know if Pinecone pays that or if they make you pay that?

dealwagger posted Apr 07, 2012

How much does pinecone pay for a survey?

krmills1 (rep: 14.4k) posted Apr 07, 2012


I used to be a member of Pinecone,and in my opinion they are one of the most reputable survey sites out there.
It's been a few years but I don't recall having to pay a fee for paypal payments.Have you checked Pinecones faq's ? Or,since your a member email them and ask.

xptrish (rep: 101k) posted Apr 07, 2012

Questions regarding PayPal here
(looks like the "fee" is only if you have a merchant account through PayPal.)
If you already have a personal PayPal account, you are welcome to use it for receiving your PineCone payment. Please note: a merchant account can incur additional charges. The PineCone Research database can accommodate a separate e-mail address for your payment.

xptrish (rep: 101k) posted Apr 07, 2012


krmills, they always pay $3 per survey. Of the survey companies I do, Valued Opinions, Pinecone, and Synovate, this one pays the most for the least amount of time/hassle. You don't have to accumulate points and you can have a check mailed or get PayPal or a prepaid card.

xptrish, I checked, but since it doesn't specify I emailed them and they gave me several non-answers until I called PayPal and they pretty much just read what it says under PayPal's fee information. I think I will just set it up and if it charges a fee I can always switch it back. If you probably didn't pay fees then that seems safe. It is only like $.45 but still. :)

dealwagger (rep: 10.3k) posted Apr 07, 2012