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Does care about dishonest practices at all?

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Many people are already aware of the ways in which you can "play" the system used by to highlight "good" deals. The way that is set up unfortunately encourages users to go to any means to boost their rep and deals, sometimes to make money, by spamming comments, spamming deals without really checking them, collaborating with real or fake users to vote up their comments or deals, making it difficult for deals submitted by real users to be noticed, etc. Is there any real effort being made by the mods or web developers to implement a technical solution to these problems? For example, every deal submitted by one of the "big" users (ramana_forums, etc.) has exactly 5 plusses to start with (really? 1 minute after posting?), bringing them to the main page of the section like Laptops and making them seem artificially popular. Obviously, these plusses are dishonestly produced by using either other accounts and/or using automatic plussing. How do I know this? 1) Instantaneous speed of obtaining 5 plusses (within 1 minute of posting a deal) 2) Constant minimum number of plusses on deals (ALWAYS 5 at least) 3) Deals often receive no more plusses after the first minute, even after days (odd, isn't it?) Just look at one of these user's submitted deals pages, and the pattern is clear as day: There's no point to a user-based community if the vast majority of deals are copied/pasted from other websites and automatically bumped up in popularity by computer programs, rather than actual humans. The solutions are fairly simple and can be automated. For example: devise criteria for identifying suspicious/automatic activity (e.g. high frequency of plussing of submitted deals within first few minutes only, abnormal plussing activity linked to a specific set of users over multiple deals), and then have a list of human moderators review the computer-identified list of suspect users and take appropriate action such as limiting number of posts in a day, sending warnings to the user, etc. Just my two cents. For the moment, this site seems to have lost most of its authenticity and fails to be the first to get good deals. Only humans have the ability to determine what the best deals are in the first place, and machines (including machines posing as human users) can only copy these deals or analyze their popularity after the fact. Seems to defeat the purpose of this site, since others can gather together deals and rank them numerically just as well.
shchoi posted Feb 15, 2011

There might be some confusion here. Each user has a certain "PLUS SCORE". Mine is 4, yours looks to be 1. Each time you post a deal it automatically starts with your "PLUS SCORE". So for instance if I entered a deal right now, it would start with a 4. In RAMANA's case each post starts with a 5. Hope that clears things up.

ragingwookiee (rep: 640k) posted Feb 15, 2011


When I post a deal it starts out with 4 plusses. The 4 plusses are not from other sellers they are from my rating. New users start out with only one plus as their rating gets higher they get more plusses. If I plus another members deal it will go up by 4.

jamesjr55 (rep: 21.8k) posted Feb 15, 2011


Thanks, that clears some things up. Still, what's the rationale behind rewarding users who simply spam lots of deals? I'm sure you could find a few actual good ones, but this whole system seems to encourage indiscriminate copy/pasting and artificial activity to boost your rep and get that automatic +5 and other benefits in the first place.

shchoi (rep: 50) posted Feb 15, 2011


Not all of us are spaming alot of deals. You can make it to 5 plusses without posting a ton of deals. I have posted 2260 deals and have a rating of 4. Another member has posted 291 deals and has a rating of 5. You don't have to post a ton of deals to get to a 5 rating you just have to post very good deals

jamesjr55 (rep: 21.8k) posted Feb 15, 2011


In my opinion this reputation should based on both how much plused u get and how much u plused others deals. If u see some members profile we can find few members, they never plused post if there their name is not there. But they have the highest reputation.

warunamail (rep: 16.5k) posted Feb 15, 2011


Till now I was also wondering why ramana_forum has 5+ all the time?

Yes! this duplication is discouraging & frustrating.Most of my posting had duplicates at first as new bee I didn't know what to do,used contact us & asked question.With the last controvercy I thought of giving up ,still here see how long I can bear this.

If somebody try to post duplicate after warning system should substract that person's ruputations by xyz amount.

dealhugger (rep: 5.3k) posted Feb 15, 2011


I agree with much of what you say, shchoi, but want to clear one thing up. Like ragingwookiee and jamesjr55, any deal I plus gets 4 rep points. But when I post a deal - even though it starts with 4 points - those points are not added to my score. In other words, my rep points don't go up unless somebody else plusses my deal.

becky457 (rep: 6.4k) posted Feb 15, 2011


I was grumpy about a few posters getting all the front page deals for a while until I noticed the deals I actually buy many times are posted by them. So I really can't continue to complain. Some of the deals are just really good. If you would like more attention to your own deals I'd add a profile pic and fill out a little information about yourself. If you need help I'd be happy to try and advise via our email here. I'd also submit more than one deal per month. I'm not here to make money just to save the little bit of money I already have so I view no one as my "competition". So, welcome. Hope it gets better.

Deedle_pie (rep: 2.5k) posted Feb 15, 2011


If u see any duplicates u can post the original post under comments. Most of the time moderater will replace the duplicate or other members will give plus to the original instead of duplicate. Accually its better to have few dup post of u'r deal that help to original post to go to the front page. For example if u post a deal midnight no one see u'r deal But if someone post a dup in rust hour thats really help to original post. Their is no way to stop dup post. I don't worry about those.

warunamail (rep: 16.5k) posted Feb 15, 2011


One thing I do is if I see a duplicate ever if it is not one of my deals I flag it and post a comment with the link of the first deal. If enough of use do this it will help

jamesjr55 (rep: 21.8k) posted Feb 15, 2011


I'm glad you started this thread because I didn't realize we all have different plus scores that equate to the amount of pluses we receive automatically when we submit a deal. Mine is 2 and I've been discouraged when I see other people get 5 right off the bat. But, now that I understand why, it makes more sense and I have something to strive for! :)

Beautifulminds (rep: 2.5k) posted Feb 15, 2011


I spend more time trying to get reposts of mine corrected.
Here is an example:
This repost made front page

My same deal, chair and coupon was already front page yesterday

These reposts costs us Money Makers views/money.

It has been reported repost and yet the repost is still there.

akaricke (rep: 161k) posted Feb 16, 2011


I agree, this site is starting to really suck. Here I am, trying to post a sweet deal on a chicken coop and I can't because I haven't posted anything from, amazon, newegg, gap, dell, etc... Why should I? I'm not interested in that crap and now I know why it's all-over the site. I also had to post a comment on a front-paged item in order to proceed with posting this deal. What a crock!

danjag (rep: 90) posted Feb 17, 2011


@ Danjag

I think is doing this to avoid spammers. Can you imagine just how many spammers if don't restrict this? You'll see spammers EVERYWHERE and on ALL the DEALS. A lot of people here even in ask and share try to self-promo there site. IMO I seriously don't see this as a bad thing but everyone has their own opinions.

PLUSME (rep: 1.6k) posted Feb 17, 2011


i defiantly think that the rep requirement for posting certain sites it good it was kinda annoying at first but i would hate it more if this site was full of spammers

nimase85 (rep: 16.2k) posted Feb 18, 2011