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Doubt with "Views" on my coupons.

Mundo Ax
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Good afternoon, I write since I have the following question or problem.

I have noticed that when entering the section "My Profile" on the left side there is a vertical menu "Dashboard" in it we can select the option "Coupons" in which we can visualize the coupons that we are entering on this platform.

- My problem is that in this section we can also view the number of uses per day of the coupon "used today" and these numbers do not match the "Uses" or "View" of my "Report" panel. And according to what I understand they should coincide, since if the coupon has 20 Uses in a day it is because it has 20 Views, right?

To give a concrete example, "Yesterday" I am take this screenshot for the coupon for the "Avenue" store. It can be clearly seen that it has 19 Uses.


And today I have verified my Report Panel look for the coupon and it only has 5 Views and the same happens with the Great Majority of my added coupons, why is this so?

Mundo Ax (L1) posted Mar 27, 2021

I guess it counts unique users regardless of no of views.

prince16pream (L3) posted Mar 28, 2021



bhssadaruwan91 (L0) posted Mar 28, 2021

Mundo Ax


I can raise you another real case, in the same way you can verify it in your profile because surely the same thing will happen to you ... Following the logic of your comment, Why I have coupons that have been used 1, 2 or 3 times but in my Panel Report have 0 Views?

For example these are coupons to which I made a screenshot Yesterday.


Today they still have 0 Views in my Report.


So my earnings will never be calculated?

Mundo Ax (L1) posted Mar 28, 2021


@Mundo Ax I'm not sure , but generally speaking for 1-2 views the earning will be much lower, do you know $3/1000 viewes , that is $0.003 , if you calculate for 3 views which ($0.003x3)=$0.009 still less than 1 cents ($0.01>$0.009) may be that will apply for the few views.

But wait for one of the admin to answer your question.

prince16pream (L3) posted Mar 28, 2021


@Mundo Ax,
Per admin note, multiple admins are adding comments on your coupons: spamming the same offer coupons from Wish, Aliexpress and etc. Some are being removed.

Regarding Views, the system will only give credits to unique numbers: if the same user uses the same coupon over and over again, the system will count them as 1 view.

Notbad (L5) posted Mar 29, 2021

Mundo Ax

@Notbad thanks for replying.

- Regarding what you mention in the first paragraph, I really don't understand it very well. What note do you mean? On the other hand, I have not added offers or coupons for stores like Wish or Aliexpress.

The truth is I am new and I am doing my best to add valid coupons on this platform, I always check that they work, that they are not duplicates and that they do not exist in the list of coupons that the store shows me here in Deal Plus. I have noticed that someone edits my Titles which for me does not make any sense, because I generally use "Save 10% Off Your Next Purchase" and someone edits it for "10% Off Entire Purchase".

So I use a similar title for other coupons and they edit it again, in other words I use to put another example: "15% Off Entire Purchase" and someone edits it for "Extra 15% Off Entire Purchase". They always edit the title if I use: "10% Off Orders Over $100" they edit it for "10% Off $100", if I use that Format "$15 Off $150" someone comes and edits it for "$15 Off $150 +".

Are my titles never correct? And to my understanding there is no difference between my titles and the edited ones. If someone edits my titles, does this affect my earnings or performance?

- Regarding the second thing you tell me in the next paragraph. I am left with the same unknown, I have coupons that have been used 1, 2 or 3 times and not a single visit is counted.

Mundo Ax (L1) posted Mar 29, 2021


Mundo Ax,

If you didn't add any offers from Wish or Aliexpress, please disregard. Maybe that message was intended for other MMs.

In terms of Title editing by admins, we are trying to make things consistent among DP coupons. "10% Off Entire Purchase" is more attractive: we've done several AB testing and checked how users' reactions. So it will help if you can submit your coupons with a similar title(s).

Often 15% Off Entire Purchase means, it's only applicable to full-price items. (not always), but if you put an Extra 15% Off the Entire Purchase, it means it's applicable to sale/clearance items too: more attractive.

10% Off On Orders over $100 = 10% Off $100+ > We have a limited space for the title: trying to be Clear & Concise.

For more reference for your coupon titles, try to follow the same format as what you see on this page: https://www.dealsplus.com/coupon?sort=subscribed

Thank you

Notbad (L5) posted Mar 31, 2021