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[Edited] I finally found my voice........

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When this was first posted, I shared a comment stating that "I am rendered speechless.....' regarding the new format of the DP Homepage.

It took me a while to process the change and I've finally found my voice. Along with others, I was disheartened with the new changes. I realized today, that when I first started contributing to DP 11 years ago, that there was no contract to be signed, guaranteeing me that I'd amass a fortune. I thought and still thing of contributing to DP as a hobby.

DP has stood by me for many years and even at this low point, with the US economy failing, I will ccontinue to stand by and support DP.

I'm gonna keep on shuffling!

EzzyLovesToSave (L5) posted Jun 08, 2021


EzzyLovesToSave (L5) posted Jun 10, 2021


DP sees and knows everything that us MM wouldn't begin to comprehend because we are just mere contributors to the site and the bigger picture( of what makes up the site) is not shown nor known to us. Any decision made by D.P was not easy but it is what is best for site at this time. I must say earnings are extremely low now but I will be committed in doing what I can to still contribute to D.P with the hopes of things will progress and be better soon 😊. I stand with you EzzyLovesToSave and Dealsplus.

stewartcherek (L3) posted Jun 10, 2021


I felt the same way too Ezzy.so sad that this changes makes earnings so down. ive been here for almost 6 years and my loyalty was here. Eventhough it happens im still contributing deals everyday. Hope this will get better soon.

topherjay (L4) posted Jun 10, 2021


I stand with you EzzyLovesToSave and Dealsplus.

bhssadaruwan91 (L0) posted Jun 11, 2021



Thank you for your kind words & support.

For now, admins will continue to focus on making necessary adjustments with a new direction.

Notbad (L5) posted Jun 11, 2021