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Duplicate Deals

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Some posts are posting without warning thats its a duplicate, while some say it is but it shows a totally different deal when i click on the link, but have seen some that are the same deal as mine posted an hour or two earlier. How can i fix this to have them removed and not just mark them as expired? I dont understand if its a duplicate, why it even gets posted, especially with the no warning duplicate deals!
LilRed77 posted Apr 01, 2013

only mods can delete anything you post the only thing we as users can do its expire the deal or edit if there is a mistake.

rd995 (rep: 151k) posted Apr 01, 2013


always been an issue. usually others let me know when i dupe a post and either flag or expire it and life goes on. don't worry too much about it.

chuckydealpl (rep: 59.7k) posted Apr 01, 2013


I was notified of a dup that I posted. I flagged as a dup but it is still there....I don't want the original poster upset with me...1) that I posted a dup when it didn't alert me to that and 2) that it is still showing active even though it was flagged :(

minamesk (rep: 3.4k) posted Apr 01, 2013


So when you post new deals, you need to search the website, you can use google or just search on this page.

Rosaura1234 (rep: 709) posted Apr 02, 2013


@Rosaura1234, thanks. That bit of info has saved me from posting duplicates already. That just sucks that you have to open a different browser, go to the same website to search for the deal to make sure it's not already posted!!

LilRed77 (rep: 7.4k) posted Apr 02, 2013