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I am not complaining as I have posted my fair share of dups. I try and expire all mine when I see them that are dups. But how does this happen I posted this one 21 one day's ago, went unnoticed, which is fine, But then yesterday this one was posted and went front page. How did it not be noticed it was a dup when it was posted? Is it because it had the stock numbers in it??

I do not want this to happen to any one else and I need to know what i need to know what to do so it doesn't happen again 

Can some one explain ?
catchersmom posted Feb 22, 2012

I did a search for those shoes at 6pm and could submit the 3 other colors as NEW deals if I came at them from a women's tennis shoe search and not your deal. The only one deal/shoe that would not let me submit (and showed up as a duplicate) was the black color. It appears the shoes are listed at 6pm in many different ways and separeately by color too, so I'm guessing the other poster just searched them differently and brought the deal up and posted that way (possibly by SKU number as you suggested).

I assume the other deal (that was front paged) was a duplicate, but is it possible that that deal was actually listed, say, 30 days ago (so it was first) and it just yesterday had 2 updates added to it? I'm not 100% sure how to tell what deal was actually there first when updates are showing. And even if you searched the name before you entered, maybe the other deal's name has since been modified.

Obviously if the duplicate poster doesn't know it's a duplicate, she's not going to notify anyone. I would try notifying youself on her deal that it is a duplicate. If it doesn't get answered or fixed, I would assume the mods have more information and for whatever reason have decided that the front page deal was first or is ok as is (they find it different enough or whatever).

Hopefully if you are entitled to credit, this post may help you get it. I don't think there's really anything differently you can do from your end.

Personally, I think all deals that are front paged should be double if not triple checked by the mods (as not being duplicates) before they are allowed to be front paged. Maybe this is already done, and again they a have more info than we do, but I think that would help mitigate the hurt feelings when duplicates do happen. It's never fun to see "your deal" get front paged by someone else.

MHT962 (rep: 3.3k) posted Feb 22, 2012


I'm sorry that happened :( I plussed your original deal. Hopefully it can get on the front page soon!

VirginiaPeanuts (rep: 12.4k) posted Feb 22, 2012


sorry to heard that

Sophialove (rep: 59) posted Feb 23, 2012