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Duplication problems

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1] it seems unfair when the deal you posted first is then posted as a coupon and then gets on the front page.  [I dislike looking for deals on the coupon page because I prefer visual cues, and the layout on the deal section is much better for looking quickly.] 
2] I always search 1st, but coupons don't come up in the search.  All items should come up when you search the terms. searching for duplicates needs to be easier,  intuitive. 
3] except in easy cases, it seems each user and mod has their own idea of what is a duplicate.  DP needs to spell out the guidelines more and be consistent with the handling of dups. … it's building a lot of frustration and animosity between users. 
4] people just go ahead and post without searching because there is no penalty for it. If they slip one by, then they have all to gain.  If the post is found to be an obvious dup, then maybe dP should remove those earnings, and stop featuring them on any pages. 
5] if a deal is written very sketchy, missing important information, only mentions 1 item of a deal[when there were many items on the link that I spelled out as part of the deal…], has a picture of the wrong product, [was an old add-on deal, when mine was subscribe and save deal...], AND the link doesn't come up as a duplicate... , then don't assume someone is trying to steal your deal, because it is unrecognizable as a duplicate.    
6] AND, above all, PLEASE,  refrain from jumping to conclusions/getting angry and self-righteous/making accusations to the poster of the supposed duplicate, or to the person who flags your deal as a dup,  because there is a lot of gray area when it comes to dupes.  And they are not always handled in the same way by the mods.  Any of this stuff can be discussed without getting unpleasant and personal.
dddsss posted Jul 20, 2013

I only put this post in bold because it's easier to read

dddsss (rep: 22k) posted Jul 20, 2013


when it comes to duplicates here are some tips that might help:
search by store name and keyword or product name sometimes it takes more than one search to find a product. when in doubt if yours was first posted or not point your mouse over the image of the deal it will have a number at the bottom of the page thats the deal id the lowest number means it was posted first. now keep in mind that whoever post in the coupon section if its a coupon that takes priority to go to front page

rd995 (rep: 149k) posted Jul 20, 2013


Thanks, RD995. Good tip. Why do you coupons have priority? Didn't know that

dddsss (rep: 22k) posted Jul 20, 2013