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E-bay has zero seller protection.

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Again I got screwed over by a scam buyer. He got what I sent him and then wanted a refund after he saw it cheaper at Walmart.. Leaves bad feedback and still gets a refund. So the purchase was free for him and I got screwed.

What everyone should do is, buy something on e-bay, then ask for a refund, then file a complaint...... and get a refund and keep your purchase.

Anyone have any Horror E-bay tales?
encorez posted Mar 21, 2012

This doesn't really help in your situation, but you have to be careful when buying from China. I bought something and did recieve the item, but it wasn't as advertised. Its difficult to get something mailed back to some of China's addresses. Luckily in my case, the seller had many buyers that reported the same problem I had and suspended the account. Again, doesn't help you out in any way, but it looked good in my appeal to paypal. I got my money refunded but it was still a huge hassle.

I haven't sold anything on e-bay. Just old text books on I've never had a bad experience.

nthsll (rep: 12.5k) posted Mar 21, 2012


I remember you posting a similar situation not too long ago. So sorry you have to deal with that nonsense! I don't sell on e-bay but my brother has for years and has dealt with a lot of those situations. Once he sold a broken xbox (for parts) and clearly stated in the description and title that it was broken and he was selling it very cheap for parts. He even emailed the buyer to remind him that it was broken and the buyer responded it was ok. Sure enough, the buyer demanded his money back once he received it because it was broken :/

VirginiaPeanuts (rep: 12.3k) posted Mar 21, 2012


I purchased HP ink toner from a seller that labeled it as "NEW in Box". I received it and it came in NEW IN BOX but the problem was it had expired and the ink had dried out. I opened a case with ebay and i lost the case. Ebay sided with the seller. Go figure.

gangstabarbie (rep: 20.4k) posted Mar 21, 2012


I agree with encorez, there are many bad buyers on Ebay, they want to get free stuff with 1001 reasons even those are not truth. I had a lot of bad experiences when I sold my stuff on Ebay. No protection for seller, even seller has to pay a lot of fees. So do not work free for them.

thaiduongsao89 (new user) posted Mar 21, 2012


I quit eBay, even though I had my score was over 1,000 with zero neg feedback. I had too many buyers claiming they did not receive items and I had to eat it. One buyer managed to destroy a $400 ham radio and told eBay I sent it to him that way. I never get to tell my side - they automatically reimburse the buyer. So, I use Craigslist now. I don't make as much and it takes longer but once the buyer walks out with his/her item they own it.

erick99 (rep: 413k) posted Mar 21, 2012


Ugh, eBay. I had a case with a buyer whose item shipped while he was out of town and made no arrangements for packages to be held. Luckily there was delivery confirmation so I did actually win the case; however, buyer was still unhappy and left negative feedback.

There are so many buyers who don't read the description or say that you shouldn't bother selling something that isn't in perfect condition in the first place. It's annoying how much negligence/judgment there is in the eBay community. If you don't like what or how I'm selling something, simply don't buy it. -_-

arsiel (rep: 13.1k) posted Mar 21, 2012


"What everyone should do is, buy something on e-bay, then ask for a refund, then file a complaint...... and get a refund and keep your purchase."

All this is going to do is screw other sellers, like you got screwed. That is not the solution.

You need to explain the situation more. In every situation I had that a buyer disputed receiving the product, once I provided tracking information, ebay took my side as a seller. Did you have tracking on the package?

bbattag (rep: 6.9k) posted Mar 21, 2012


i sold an ipod touch and with ebay and paypal fees made me run away from them for good they even charge me for the set price shipping

rd995 (rep: 149k) posted Mar 21, 2012


That stinks!

EzzyLovesToSave (rep: 410k) posted Mar 21, 2012


I think my selling days are done.....unless ebay changes it's policy.
I will always buy, but selling is to stressful.
thanks all for the replies.....and I didn't even get a thumbs down

encorez (rep: 10k) posted Mar 21, 2012


I switched to Amazon...much easier to deal with esp with FBA, you dont have to do anything

kffight3r (rep: 766) posted Mar 21, 2012