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Easter Baskets Through The Years

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Being raised Catholic and attending 9 years of Catholic Schools I have a strong belief of the actually meaning of Easter Sunday. I would like to put aside the Religious aspect for one moment and discuss the part of Easter that most kids look forward to and that is the Easter Bunny & basket. 

Again keeping our Religious beliefs aside I find it fascinating to see the way the Easter baskets have changed over the years. When I was a kid I got jelly beans, jump rope, bubbles, slinky and some chocolate bunnies. Today kids get Video games, gift cards, clothes, tickets to concerts, ipods etc. etc. 

Times have changed and I get that, but they still sell bubbles, jump ropes and jelly beans. Why is that not good enough? Retailers like Target advertise a Easter basket with video games in it. I have no issue with the Easter Bunny adding a little something extra in the basket but what is too much and when did all this change from a basket full of simple games/toys to several $50 items. 

I know many people who keep it simple for the baskets but I know some who spend hundreds of dollars per basket. Overall I see people spending much more money then say 10 years ago.

So what does everyone think? Did society change the Easter basket? Did retailers? Did we do this to ourselves?

I had the best time with my bubbles and jump ropes. Easter egg hunts in my new colorful dress and shoes. Why is that not good enough anymore? Why is the Easter basket treated like a birthday gift?

Just my opinions. Please share your thoughts or opinions :)

branie posted Apr 11, 2014
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I agree Branie.....just like retailers have commercialized ALL the holidays, everyone is going overboard. I too remember getting those bubbles, jump rope, and little knickknacks that we as kids loved getting, along with some candy, and that WAS enough. I also remember going to Sunday School and VBS. Now the kids are just getting spoiled. I mean, I don't think most kids even realize the significance of some of these important holidays, because they are spoiled with so many gifts instead of the actual meaning of the holiday. But only we as parents can change that and I just see today's society as lazy.... not saying that in a rude way, but it seems to be the truth in most cases. I mean up until these great technology advancements, 2 & 3 year olds were playing with toy telephones, now they know how to work an iPhone. There's just certain things that we as parents have let technology take the place of our teaching kids how to play nice, play with appropriate age toys, and playing outside with friends instead of them being on some kind of technology device. JMHO!

LilRed77 (rep: 7.4k) posted Apr 18, 2014