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So there is this specific deal that I keep updating by putting actual new codes on it and later that day i keep seeing these two people the same ones every time "updated" it but they have changed nothing except for maybe putting a parenthesis around a word It looks like I am still making money from the deal on money makers but I find it really annoying... does this happen to anyone else?? or is it just me??
nimase85 posted Mar 24, 2011

Those people are Trolls.

BigJJ (rep: 21.7k) posted Mar 24, 2011


If it's happening often by the same people, its a good idea to report the user to dealsplus from their profile page. (there's a link on all of our profiles) They can determine if these people are nasty trolls or users who need to learn the rules or whatever.
Reporting a user doesnt involve you in any way (unless you want it to). You're just passing the info on to administration who are the only ones with any power to handle any tricky problems.

Brentheriot (rep: 64.9k) posted Mar 24, 2011


Yes. I am getting really tired of seeing "back again" as an "update" to a deal that never really even changed.

akaricke (rep: 161k) posted Mar 24, 2011


I don't really have a problem with people updating it saying back again if it been a few months or the old deal was expired but if they are doing it on something that is not even a month old or has a expiration date that has not passed then i have a problem with it

nimase85 (rep: 16.2k) posted Mar 25, 2011


@Brentheriot thanks for the advice

nimase85 (rep: 16.2k) posted Mar 25, 2011


I have people udpate my deals, some have helped it, some do minor tweeks. i find if its a smaller change, it will say updated but I will be the only one receiving the money for it. I personally try not to update a deal unless it benefits both parties involved.

Jlovesonic (rep: 6.7k) posted Mar 25, 2011


i agree... and dealsmods say it doesn't affect anything but it does. from that point on you get paid at the deal update price. also, akaricke, i REALLY agree with you. it's the same ppl just mooching on other ppls finds. i don't even care about dupes because we all miss them sometimes. sure, i hate seeing deals i posted first hit the front page but i've got enough twitter followers that it doesn't matter. the mooching bothers me.

lauchremi (rep: 9.5k) posted Mar 26, 2011