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I am just curious - how much are you posting compared to when the MM program was in place. I used to post 50+ per night and then, when the program ended, I didn't post at all for a week or so. But, I found that I missed it. I didn't just post for the money - it was a sort of an "occupational therapy" and way to relax in the evening. So, in the past few days I've started posting about 20 deals an evening. Not as much as before but some of that 50+ really was just to earn more money so it was drudgery at times. I find 20 or so to be fine and I am not worried about how many clicks I am going to get so I guess that is a little blessing-in-disguise. How about the rest of you. Still posting? As much?
erick99 (L3) posted Jan 28, 2017

I really am curious. It's an occupational hazard of being a psychologist - a need to know why people do what they do. I'm hoping there are a few responses :)

erick99 (L3) posted Jan 28, 2017


I do my "Occupational Therapy" at other sites that pay, lol.

Bearsybear (L5) posted Jan 28, 2017


I can't find any that pay as much as I earned via MM and, lazy as this sounds, it was so easy. Now, I am back to horsetrading. I find grossly under-priced electronics and put them on FB/Craigslist, and a few things on eBay (I am wary of ebay). I did have a pretty good January (from when MM stopped) but it's a bit more work. I don't need budget money, this is all for my "fun money" fund and my goal is $300 to $350 per month.

erick99 (L3) posted Jan 29, 2017


I agree, MM was much easier, you got paid with a simple click. Other sites require the code to be used before they'll pay. Good luck with your new endeavor.

Bearsybear (L5) posted Jan 30, 2017


I haven't posted at all. :( I do really love it, and really counted on it for my family. I'm still lost and wishing so badly this didn't happen.

taratstock (L5) posted Jan 30, 2017


Will start posting when MM returns 👍

Dexterous (L5) posted Feb 01, 2017


I'm still posting but only about 25% of what I used to - less when you factor in I take some days off. It used to be 50+ deals a day, seven days a week. I wonder if the drops in posts is noticeable. I have noticed that the quality of products on the hot page has dropped dramatically since MM ended.

erick99 (L3) posted Feb 01, 2017


I haven't posted anything since MM ended. I'm still hoping they bring it back :( Any chance? Def no chance if MM continue to post!

ashleydempsey (L5) posted Feb 03, 2017


I used to look at the first three pages of hot deals and see lots of deals - and they were good deals. I could usually get one or two posts a day on the first day. Now those people are gone or just the odd post. As a result, I don't think the hot deals are so hot anymore. This is a ship adrift - nobody appears to be at the helm.

erick99 (L3) posted Feb 03, 2017


Hello Eric, I am quite new here, I am wanting to know what is MM and in your post , you said you can post 50++ a day and then,, how can you get so many deals ...thanks,

denfal (L0) posted Feb 27, 2017


I can't post either. Do not know how to deal with

YolandAlex (L0) posted Mar 02, 2017