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"Exclusive" sales sites and member logins..

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Browsing the web for sales, I often come across sites that require you to become a member in order to proceed and view the sales.  This is usually something as simple as giving your email address and creating a password, but I usually just lose interest immediately and move onto browsing other sites.  I have to believe this is the case for most people.. So my question is, why do websites require member logins?  It seems that they end up just turning away business..  Any insight?
shopange08 posted Jul 06, 2012

so they can

encorez (rep: 10k) posted Jul 06, 2012


Well most of the time when they have user memberships they can send deals with affiliate links to people so that when they end up purchasing the websites make profit. Also they don't really turn members/business away because if a user has found what they were looking for in a deal on that website and nowhere else, chances are they will sign up and that is what the other websites rely on.

allstarcj (rep: 313) posted Jul 06, 2012


They want to harvest the emails so that they have a database of customers whom then can then spam.

erick99 (rep: 430k) posted Jul 07, 2012


Booooo to spam... :(

shopange08 (rep: 15.8k) posted Jul 07, 2012


Use a disposable temporary E-mail address to check out such sites, such as .

fluffy (rep: 2.2k) posted Jul 07, 2012


Email address Lists "Especially" with the person's name are coveted by site owners like GOLD! They are given the right to send sale information directly to the customers that have shown an interest in their site and bypass the commissions that their "associates or affiliates" are paid when people enter their sits though one of their links... some companies even sell their harvested lists to companies that sell similar items because these are thought of as "HOT and Ready to BUY Customers". It's a game taught early on when you are doing internet marketing of any sort... "The GOLD is in the LIST".

FibroMom (rep: 242k) posted Jul 08, 2012


Well, this is hard to say: As much as I agree with you guys that its for spam, I think it's more like when you walk into a store and they ask you for your zipcode. They don't want people to just "walk in"- browse and then find it somewhere else cheaper. They want to see who their loyal customers are. Normally, they do send out emails, but also don't forget they send promotions, that people who are NOT signed up don't recieve, also, they get the sales list quicker than others.

MdavidK30 (rep: 3.7k) posted Jul 08, 2012


Lots of good insight here.. Thanks for your input guys.. Once in a while I do sign in to become a member of some of the sites, but I do get the spam mail.. The disposable email address sounds like a good idea.. will check it out!

shopange08 (rep: 15.8k) posted Jul 08, 2012