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Opinions Please!

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If you believe that the deals with these amount of clicks should be the ones on the Hot Coupon & Deals, and Today's Best, then please comment with YOUR thoughts on this to let MODS know. We work hard to put "good" deals on here, and just because we don't have other MODS saving it, it doesn't get on the "Most Popular" page. I posted the top clicked deal on 8/20, and it got 70 clicks, this month it has received "401".  Clicks tell us what is popular and what the customers are interested in. So if you feel the same, as I know some do because I have seen it in other posts, leave your comment and let your voice be heard, or things won't change. I don't know about y'all, but I'm tired of seeing the $2-$5 savings end up on the front page just b/c all the Mods & followers are clicking the save button!! I posted a deal 2 days ago with 90% savings on a certain website and one of the people that are always front paged, and copying and pasting deals, posted 1 day ago the same basic deal from the same website as me but took a particular item and posted it and got saves, while my deal didn't. That tells you something!

LilRed77 posted Sep 21, 2013

the thing is that they based the "most popular and "todays best" on USERS who submit the deals>>> I am also tired of just seen the same deals people on those two sections..seems that they also work for dealspls..everyday at midnight same people post from same stores like they are automated feeds who knows lol....and their deals always end up as "populars" when someone like me or you post a really good deal nobody pays attention to it because we are not,any of those 5 special people :) well you know the same people is not intended to be fair I guess....

DealSeekers (rep: 33k) posted Oct 02, 2013


There are really things that are not fair and I guess this is one of them.

alicepattinson (rep: 130) posted Oct 14, 2013