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EXTREME couponing

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I am just getting started and I think you need to work at it everyday in order to save the most money
jaynegardner posted Jul 14, 2011

Not at all, I have been couponing since the very late 1970's and 30 minutes a week should save you 10 to 30% on a consitent basis. It is very rare that you can save massive amounts of money every week. In the past a lot of the extreme couponing Kings and Queens have been found to be comminting some kind of fraud.

Please remember that extreme anything is bad for your health.

skaro964 (rep: 24.6k) posted Jul 14, 2011


I started this summer and it does take time to get yourself organized but once you do it takes alot less time. I use a binder and have everything broken down by products(ie: cleaning, beverages, chips and snacks, cereal, hair products). Thye are also in alphabetical order within their group. Once I got muself to this point I majorly cut my time trying to figure it all out.

nskcsf (rep: 1.6k) posted Jul 14, 2011