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Eye wittness accounts for the reaction to last night's big college football game!!!

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Alabama fans were shouting for joy in the streets of Miami last night, as their team killed Notre Dame 42-14.

With only scoring in the third and fourth quarter, BAMA took ND by surprise (as their fans were) and shocked them into losing last night, the Orange Bowl Championship game.

When, I was going to the gym this morning, I passed by some ND fans- and they were stricken with doubt, sadness, and their heads held low in ultimate shame for their team which they had such high hopes for, just the day before.

The excitement for the Alabama fans were unlimited! They were ecstatic on their team's 15th Orange Bowl win. And 2nd win over Notre Dame in just 7 tries against them!

They were yelling in the streets, and partying all night, because frankly, I only saw Notre Dame fans walking around in a daze, trying to get ready to leave Miami and head home- embarrassed by their team's disgraceful loss.

MdavidK30 posted Jan 08, 2013

that was a pretty boring game last night I have to say

kffight3r (rep: 767) posted Jan 08, 2013


It was a one sided game and I knew this would happen from the start. Don't really like Bama but they are any day better than ND.

Florida2Texas (rep: 15.1k) posted Jan 08, 2013