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Find ‘Hidden' eBay Listings

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  • Most of us probably weren't spelling bee champions. But we don't have much difficulty spelling everyday words.
  • Or, we have the good sense to double-check our spelling when writing something important.Well, you wouldn't believe the number of people who are careless spellers. Rather than get annoyed by this, I take advantage of it. And you can, too!
  • Just visit Auction Bloopers It will help you find misspelled items on eBay. You can really save cash by looking for misspelled listings.
  • Why? The listings won't turn up in normal searches of the site. That means there is less competition for an auction.Now, Auction Bloopers also serves as an important reminder. Make sure you get your spelling right when listing items on eBay!
xptrish posted Feb 13, 2013
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intewesting, I'll check it out. But is it that annoying? I was excellent speller, but so busy these, i'd rather let a few typos slip by than gooo baaack and correct.

dddsss (rep: 22.9k) posted Feb 13, 2013