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Found a deal but can't submit it?

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So Austin Hombrew Supply is doing a giveaway through their Facebook page
I was trying to see if I could post it here (been a long time lurker and just signed up) but I can't. What gives?
AnonymousAnonymous posted Jul 10, 2013

does it give you a reason why? Sometimes a new moneymaker can't post a deal from a "new" site without first posting from some tried and true sites and earning a bit of a reputation. Try starting with some posts from places like amazon, walmart, target, etc. until your reputation has grown some.

WideAnglePhoto (rep: 33.3k) posted Jul 10, 2013


If it's not one of the stores already on the site it has to be approved. A lot of times a smaller store that doesn't get much traffic will not be approved and therefore the deal or coupon deleted. If you want the store to be added to the site you have to send them the information and basically ask.

srborges (rep: 34.9k) posted Jul 10, 2013


Because its not a deal. Its a contest with 2 winners. Shouldnt be allowed to be submitted anyway.

Acidbaby (rep: 7k) posted Jul 11, 2013


I am having the same problem. I can't see any submit button on the webpage. How can I submit a deal?

fashionholic (rep: 1) posted Jul 22, 2013