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Free Shipping Day : Was it? Really?

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I tried to look for many store, but some of them eg, aeropostale.....they didn't have complete free shipping.
The free shipping idea was "free ship on order over $100 only"

Did I miss something? Cause i wanted to save 7 + bucks on these shipping stuffs.

Any one with some message for me?
Dexterous posted Dec 17, 2012

no, you didn't miss anything I think. its just another made up thing the stores put out there to try to get more sales. Like when you get a email saying you got a free gift for xmas or your birthday, from a store and when you open the email, the gift is for something but only if you purchase a certain amount. just garbage.

solowkoe (rep: 5.7k) posted Dec 20, 2012


I honestly can't say if you missed out on any deals. I finished my shopping before the day so I didn't look around too much when it came around.

THartz606 (rep: 50.6k) posted Dec 20, 2012