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Freebies on dealsplus.com

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If a deal is free but you have to pay shipping on it, should it not be under the "Freebies" category on dealsplus.com? I kinda think it's still a freebie, if the item itself is free, but im not sure.
Acarone (Mod) posted Nov 02, 2010

Its a hard question to answer. I think if you have to pay for shipping for an item then it's not "free". Free means you should not need to get money out from your pocket. Some of the meritline deals here on dealsplus.com could essentially be free because some of their really good deals are like $0.69 - $0.99 + free shipping. You could twist the wording around and say the item is free and shipping is $0.69 - $0.99 or however much they are selling it for.

Overall, I think if the product is free then it should be in the freebies category but "free" should never involve money. :)

TOTOOO (L5) posted Nov 02, 2010


I think it depends on the dollar amount of the item and how much the shipping is. If you have to pay a $5 shipping charge for a $4 item, then I wouldn't list it as free. But if it's a $2 shipping charge for a $15 item, then I would consider the item free. I don't expect for shipping to necessarily be covered on free items.

Use common sense. Will you actually feel like you are getting the item for free, or will you feel like you are paying for it indirectly with the shipping charges?

MHT962 (L5) posted Nov 02, 2010


Free usually means Free. I think if you have to pay for something regardless of the amount then it's not free. But I have been seeing more and more items that are listed as free but come with a shipping charge so its not uncommon. I would still list it under the freebie section as long as I feel the shipping charge doesn't overly exceed the value of the item.

chuckydealpl (L5) posted Nov 02, 2010


"Free" relates to the item, not the S&H. Nonetheless, I do think total freebies should have one section, and "paid freebies", i.e. stuff with an S&H charge or free with the purchase of, should go in a new section.

Jourdy288 (L3) posted Nov 02, 2010