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Front Paged Item Taken Away?

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Just wondering guys. A few weeks ago, this item I posted: was on the front page. It had many more plusses as well as comments and was on the front page for a little more than a day. However, a few days later all the plusses as well as some comments were taken away and I lost all credit for it. Has this happened to anyone else before? Thanks =)
Durr21 posted Feb 02, 2013
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Well seems your still fairly new here.

When a deal gets Front paged, it might not stay there forever. After 2 Days, when another user updates a front page post, it will go back to the fresh/ recently post page with the new update. the + you received for that post will go back to its original plus score when you first posted it. Don't worry you still received the rep for the original deal that was front paged. that won't be taken away from you.

I hope i answered everything, anything else your confused about? =)

MrBklynW (rep: 426k) posted Feb 02, 2013