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I post some deals Hours before someone else and they get massive hits =(
carpediem posted Nov 09, 2010

it is a shame that this happens often. did you flag the deal? usually when i find a duplicate deal, i'll comment in it and link the original post, and then i'll actually flag it as well. it's happened to me yeah.. c'est la vie..

nimrodboy3 (rep: 68.2k) posted Nov 09, 2010


It does happen and notice it more and more. I have a good idea why but I will keep the majority of my thoughts to myself. It is mind boggling that the same deal posted by two different people at a different time can have various results..Thus you could say some favoritism plays part...I always try to look at this site as money in my pocket not a contest to see who has the best score or so many friends. Each deal is unique to us all one way or another. Give credit where credit is due, not promised or you feel obligated in fear your deals won't be plussed. I say this with the chance of many thumbs down and all of that childish stuff. It is my opinion just being honest, I have been very stingy with my pluses as of late very few even come my way anymore either..Not sure what has happened to this site???? Like I said mind boggling! Good luck CARPEDIUM. You have had some great deals!

branie (rep: 129k) posted Nov 09, 2010


Just flag the deal as a duplicate and it will alert the mods and they can take care of it.

PLUSME (rep: 1.6k) posted Nov 10, 2010


I've flagged situations like these in the past, and days later the duplicate is standing strong. I feel your frustration.

I also don't understand the point of being stingy with plusses. I get unlimited plusses in a day, and if someone else's deal gets traffic, that doesn't take any money away from me. It seems that people are so caught up with making money on their deals, that they don't look at anyone else's. Hey, if we all look at (and plus? even though that doesn't add anything to the MM acct) then we all make more!

Perkalicious11 (rep: 4.9k) posted Nov 10, 2010


I know what you mean. I've been on both sides and believe it is all about timing. It is a little frustrating and sometimes it gets flagged and taken off and sometimes it doesn't. I try to stay positive about it. Not worth getting stressed about it. Hopefully you'll be on the other end more often and get massive hits.

chuckydealpl (rep: 59.7k) posted Nov 10, 2010


I too have been on both the sides. Sometimes the system is not smart enough to detect duplicate deals. While posting the deals if we can get all the similar deals listed, it would help to avoid duplicates.

hemalaa (rep: 10.8k) posted Nov 10, 2010


Yes it sad to see you post a deal minutes or hours before someone and then they post the same deal only with a different name/title not encouraging at all.

mdgirl (rep: 7.1k) posted Nov 10, 2010


i could use a ruling on a similar matter - a deal has the same price in several places. if someone posts 1 of 3 and others post 2 and 3, shouldn't the 1st get the FP and give "honorable mention" to the later posts (not the other way around)?

omegafemale (rep: 214k) posted Nov 15, 2010


Agree with Chuckdealpl.

deal (rep: 7k) posted Nov 16, 2010