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Gamers, Gather 'Round (Ps3, Xbox 360, PC etc)

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I used to be a diehard Playstation 3 "fangirl" (lol don't judge me) but after getting a couple of the major systems (ps3 & xbox for me, 3ds and wii for my daughter) I've noticed that for my loyalty has shifted in a couple areas.    
  • So my questions are:
  •  What system do you prefer?Why?
  • If you have multiple systems, do you use one system for a specific game/feature over another? If so what? 
  • What game are you playing right now?   
  • To answer my own questions, 1) I will always prefer the playstation. I love the way the games look, most of my friends also have the ps3 (my xbox 360 friend list has like 3 people :-( ) so the online experience is much better for me. Plus the free online and bluray are the cherry on top.
  • 2) However, I love the xbox for Netflix (the interface is much better than ps3's and wii) , the kinect is better than the move and wii remotes , and the voice command feature with the Kinect is awesome (when I don't have to yell at it) . I have The Sims 3 on both Xbox and PC. The PC games blows the console version OUT OF THE WATER. So each has it + / - 
  • 3) I am playing Max Payne 3 on playstation , Toy Soldiers on Xbox, and The Sims 3 and the Sims Late night on the pc. ( I had to send my pc for repair back to hp today though :-( )
 All of these are my opinions, and I would LOVE to hear yours. :-)Also, if you want some friendly comp, you can add me on PS3 at Choco_Latte- and on Xbox at QueenConquers  
ChocoLatte posted May 24, 2012

When I clicked submit it pushed everything together. Sorry guys!!

ChocoLatte (rep: 80) posted May 24, 2012


I LOVE our ps3, we also have all the other systems,
( xbox 360, playstation vita, wii, 3DS, etc )

But my husband agrees, the ps3 is just perfect for us, we love the games, we love the ability to play free online since we don't play all that much. We love being able to watch Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime instant streaming also. it does everything we need.

We seem to never use the xbox 360, My husband does like one game right now for the xbox though, a downloadable game called STILL ALIVE, its a really great game.

Ps3 we're really into Call of duty modern warfare 3 and Katamari right now.

heyimdennise (rep: 7.9k) posted May 24, 2012


warcraft 3 frozen throne- PERIOD.

gangstabarbie (rep: 21k) posted May 24, 2012


Well we have all 3 systems plus I have many consoles dating back to the Adversary (pong) and well without a
Doubt the 360 gets used much more than any. And I'm sorry there is just no comparison between Xbox live gold and the free PSN. Its no contest there. The Xbox library is massive compared to both the ps3 and Wii. Most games that were exclusive to Sony are now cross platform games and well there isn't a game exclusive to Sony that is better than Halo. The kinect is simply amazing and destroys the Wii or the move. For us the only benefit the ps3 has over the 360 is the bd player. I rarely buy a game for it, the last was Skyrim and I only got that for the ps3 because I bought 3 games that day and figured I would mix it up a bit. The Wii is
Basically a paperweight now though I see a new Mario party is out so I'll probably grab that.

I still prefer to play shooters on my pc but
With me working as
I have been for the last few years those days are over. I was a big time pc gamer. Ran many servers in the day for unreal tournament and counterstrike and if you ever played UT you should know my nick which is the same as my name here. Been around that scene for a long time.

If interested my xbl account is Vandal570 but i really
Don't play much anymore my 8 year olds xbl live gamerscore is double that of mine and well I'll be honest, he whoops on me in MW and most shooters these days. The kid has skills lol.

Acidbaby (rep: 7k) posted May 25, 2012


Lol @Acidbaby , my Xbox live account score isn't that high either. My ps3 one

ChocoLatte (rep: 80) posted May 25, 2012


Brand loyalty is absolutely pointless. My Xbox 360 gets the most use right now at about an 80/20% split, but I frickin' love my PS3 as much as the 360. I actually have bought my wife her own 360 and PS3 so we can play those online only co-op games, as well as be able to watch Blu in either the living room or the family room. But it will shift back and forth, when I get an itch to play the Ratchets, or Uncharteds, or Demon's/Dark souls, the 360 will sit there.

My Wii, on the other hand has sat for a year without being turned on, but will get used eventually too. If you want a sweet Netflix interface, check out the Roku. We can watch Netflix on no less than 5 other devices, but that's the one we use 90% of the time, LOVE IT.

Currently playing Lara Croft: G.O.L. on the 360, Little Big Planet 1 & 2 on PS3, replaying Diablo 2 co-op to get ready for D3 on the PC. Also, an article that's a good read on brand loyalty:

Mojo (rep: 270) posted May 26, 2012


My ps3 one however.

takekeybox (rep: 6) posted Jan 02, 2013


I play PS3 for my fps games since they are no fun on pc because you get destroyed. One exception is CounterStrike for pc. I detest xbox. They are poorly made and XBL is a ripoff. I can buy 2 games a year on steam for the price of XBL. The Microsoft monopolized 360 is horrible with networking and plays few formats. I built my pc for $600 and it out-performs $2500 Ailenware desktops. That is my preferred mode of gaming. Second is my PS3 which communicates well with my "home" network and servers I run. GTA V isn't (at least for now) coming out for pc so I am getting it for PS3. I would post my PSN, but it is a little obscene for dealsplus

mrbob (rep: 245) posted Jan 02, 2013