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Gaming TV: Plasma VS LCD

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In the market for an HDTV for my PS3 gaming. Wanting around the 42" range, and I know (think) 720P is all that is needed for PS3. I have heard the rumors that Plasma can get burnt in for games. Also, is 60 Hz enough for a screen size of 42" at 720p? Thanks ahead of time for your answers.
CapedJackass posted Nov 17, 2010
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Youre not going to see much of a difference in either when it comes specifically for gaming. You will however see the difference in every day viewing when it comes to color saturation and contrast. An LED lit LCD will look better than a flourescent LCD, but Plasma and DLP have much better all around contrast and saturation. But as far as gaming performance there wont be any noticeable difference.

And at 42", no a 720P isnt going to cut it. Unless you will be seated about 12 feet from the screen otherwise youre going to see pixelation. A 1080P at 42" with 60Hz would be fine.

Acidbaby (rep: 7k) posted Nov 17, 2010