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Getting tired of looky loos

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Why cant people have the respect to plus a deal or even comment. When i post a deal, i think this 1 is going to make it to the front page. But every time I get 100+ views, 0 comments, 0 pluses and maybe 2-3 thumbs up.
airlinesinc posted Feb 03, 2011

you're lucky you're getting the thumbs up! If you glance through the Ask & Share section, many f us have been complaining about this for months.

I can relate to you feeling disheartened, not that it helps anything.

Perkalicious11 (rep: 4.9k) posted Feb 03, 2011


The title"Looky Loos" caught my attention! :) I completely understand your situation. I have some deals like that also, many views and little or no pluses. I also see more often then not people making positive comments about a deal, like they love it or bought 5 or my grandma would love it and then they forgot to plus the deal they loved so much. So I just don't get it, this site is called Let's start plussing ALL the great deals, not just certain ones posted by certain people!!

I can say..I have been a member for awhile and a few years back items on the front page would get 100+ sometimes..Things have certainly changed :(

branie (rep: 129k) posted Feb 03, 2011


Money makers...nuff said. But in all honesty your submitted deals are mostly items that arent deals but the same price you would pay for alot of them any day of the week, your video games can be had for less than what they were submitted for. Then there is stuff that everyone should already know about like trading in video games at amazon. The freebies, im not a person who cares much about junk or stuff like cokerewards so I may glance at them but thats it. Keep hunting and make sure you price check before you post something, and read reviews. Thos chinese knockoff mp3 players are probably loaded with lead, not to mention you get what you pay for.

Acidbaby (rep: 7k) posted Feb 03, 2011


Another question is, do others give thumbs up to a deal they were wanting to post if they find it while doing a check to see if it's a duplicate? If they thought it was good enough to post themselves then it should be 'plussed' so it can move up. It gets frustrating when good deals fade into the back pages.

Brentheriot (rep: 64.9k) posted Feb 07, 2011