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Gifts for people who have EVERYTHING!

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This time a year especially is rather hard to find the right gift for those of us who have to shop for "people who have everything or want or need nothing"! I like gift cards as who would say no to a gift card? Any other ideas? I so am not crafty so making something is out of the question! :) I could try to bake!
branie posted Nov 19, 2010

Of course it depends on your budget, but here are a few ideas:
- Tickets to an event/show
- A personalized/antique picture or art piece
- Lessons (eg. dance, cooking, art, driving, etc)
- Music / movie that means something to both of you
- Homemade and/or personalized item
- Hot air balloon ride or sky diving trip
- Gift card to a place they like, but don't usually afford
- Baked good/desert
- Night at a bed & breakfast
- A website
- Board game (a keepsake classic, or a less well known one)
- Club or membership (could be anything from guns to breakfast)
- eReader/web tablet (these aren't that expensive anymore)
- Spa services/massage
- Scrapbook
- Group or individual portrait session
- Your time (do something with them)

Don't think of just things to give, but also places, people and activities. The gift of an event or activity with loved ones can be more memorable in the long run.

maven3 (rep: 5.2k) posted Nov 19, 2010


Re-gift to them. :) Im kidding, we only do that to my wifes siter in law.

Acidbaby (rep: 7k) posted Nov 19, 2010


Thanks maven3. Great list of ideas!!!

branie (rep: 127k) posted Nov 19, 2010


I think magazine subscriptions are a nice idea too. Got one last year, and each month when I get the magazine, I think about that person who gave it to me.

poe601 (rep: 332k) posted Nov 19, 2010


I thought this page was pretty cool! Check it out!:)

mtvzgirl (rep: 3.5k) posted Nov 19, 2010


My In-laws are like that so far this year I have bought them a digital picture frame I ordered this for the FIL and BIL I have one and love it

I also bought some digital picture key chains to give to some people that are really hard to buy for. HTH

carpediem (rep: 3.8k) posted Nov 20, 2010


How about you engrave something for them, like a sweater or a plaque?

livebetter (rep: 1.5k) posted Nov 20, 2010


I like the digital picture idea!! Engraving could also be a possible idea. Thanks!!! :)

branie (rep: 127k) posted Nov 20, 2010


I agree with carpedium's comment above. I would go with the Automatic Wine Opener. I have bought it for all my inlaws as well(yes they have everything!..well almost!). They really love it!

catpace (rep: 203) posted Nov 22, 2010