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Good apps for my asus transformer?

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i just got an asus transformer and am very new to this whole tablet thing, in fact, ive never even had a smart phone. i got the keyboard attachment, but what are some good apps for this tablet. i am especially intrested in apps and tips on posting deals quickly :-) thanks
VirginiaPeanuts posted Jun 25, 2012

Did it come with an icon for Google Play? Or it may stay App Store.

erick99 (rep: 432k) posted Jun 25, 2012


The best option for DP is to use the mobile version of the site (, as there isn't a dedicated app for the site yet.

I use my tablet for lots of stuff, there's pretty much an app for everything.

DropBox is a great way to start accessing/syncing files for free (as well as Google Drive)
My banks have apps (I can deposit checks, check balances, etc)
I use a free remote login program for my desktop computer (teamviewer)
I use the whole suite of Google products (Reader, G+, Drive, Picassa Tool, etc)
Mileage app records gas fill ups for your car
EZPDF is a nice paid pdf reader
OfficeSuite6 Pro is a the best office documents app I've used (also paid)
Screen Filter allows you to dim the screen further for use at night
Google Music or the Amazon Mp3 player allow you to store and stream your music library from the cloud for free (or just use pandora)
Quickpic is a nice fast free photo viewer
TitaniumBackup is a more advanced tool for backing up and restoring your apps (if you root the device)
Adfree is great for blocking ads if you root the device
square is a nice free app for taking credit card payments (they just charge 2.75% per transaction)

Anyawy, that should get you started at least. What else do you want to use it for?

maven3 (rep: 5.2k) posted Jun 25, 2012


Its kind of hard to tell someone what apps to download when you dont know what they like. Do you play games? If so then I would start with "Cut The Rope" for single player fun. Words with Friends, Draw Something. etc etc

Spotify is one of the best streaming music apps out there.

SOundhound for those songs you need to know who sings them. You hear a song on the radio you open soundhound and let it listen and it will tell you the artist, song title, etc

pUniverse is a cool app for stargazing and finding constellations and galaxies.

Acidbaby (rep: 7k) posted Jun 25, 2012


I decided to just make a page for my favorite apps:

I hope this is helpful.

maven3 (rep: 5.2k) posted Jun 25, 2012



encorez (rep: 10k) posted Jun 25, 2012


Thanks for all the helpful tips and the awesome list! You all are the best! :-)

VirginiaPeanuts (rep: 12.4k) posted Jun 26, 2012