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Don't know why

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Someone brought this feed back to the top, but i erased it, since i now know how things work on here!
LilRed77 posted Sep 08, 2013

Yes. It has been this way for long time. Oh, and mods' friends too. How many more times will that walmart tailgate deal be shown? It's the same stores pretty much every day and it is getting a bit boring - No offense to any of you or the other moneymakers.

For now, keep doing what you are doing and post your deals to the various social networks like twitter for added exposure. Things may change.

jmucha1202 (rep: 4.2k) posted Sep 09, 2013


I have an idea.... what is needed are more "shoppers" using this site. Perhaps an incentive program to encourage new people to shop through the site rather than all the new people want to be on the moneymaker program. A new user referral link BUT it must include a welcome letter and verification of email address for the new user.

jmucha1202 (rep: 4.2k) posted Sep 09, 2013


Welcome to the club....

belarus94 (rep: 64.8k) posted Sep 09, 2013


They changed it back,who knows for how long,to number of saves,but we all know we've been down this road before,friends plussing (saving) each others deals and getting most plusses....been there,done that,
The MOST fair thing would be to front page by CLICKS,that is what sells....I can have 30 clicks and no saves...makes no sense to put front page by saves,it doesn't really reflect what shoppers are interested in and buying.
Stop shoving the "popular" people's deals down consumers throats...they're not interested in 90% of what a small percentage of the people on here deem front page worthy and the consumers probably just go to another site.
Somewhere along the way what was a great idea went terribly wrong.
Just my opinion but greed is usually the main culprit.

xptrish (rep: 101k) posted Sep 09, 2013


I barely even check out anymore. I tend to agree that greed is playing into the site now. Anything and everything is posted just so they can earn money. I used to come here looking for DEALS but they are becoming less and less. There have been a lot of things posted that have bad reviews and are NOT deals at all, but it doesn't matter because the MM earned his/her payment. And, since when does something with two thumbs up deserve to be found on the HOT tab? I've always questioned whether the mods are showing favoritism...time to move on...

minamesk (rep: 3.4k) posted May 30, 2014