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Great deals getting no/few plusses and so-so deals being front page.....

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I have seen this countless times. A deal that is maybe 10% off or the has similar prices at 3+ stores hitting the front page, while killer deals get only a few or 0 plusses.  A "killer" deal isn't based on just my judgement either. I use several deal sites and have noticed popular deals on there that get very little attention on here.  

Anyone have an guess why this happens often?  I don't think I'm the only one who has noticed this.  

As a buyer, this bothers me because I'm not seeing the best deals always and have to use multiple deal sites to make sure I'm seeing the best deals.  
bbattag posted Sep 28, 2012

That has been going on for the six years that I have been a member. I see Hot deals that make me scratch my head everyday. I wonder if prospective new members look at the Hot deals and wonder if we have any idea what we are doing. I'm not complaining about my deals, I have happy with the number of my deals that have hit the big time but I think that the selection process is faulty. I am thinking, as I write this, that I am not endearing myself with the mods but it takes dialog to foment change and we do need change.

erick99 (rep: 432k) posted Sep 28, 2012


It is up to all the members of this site to THUMBS UP and THUMBS DOWN the deals that they think are Hot and not Hot, I have been saying this for a long time that if everyone would actually check out the heating up page and VOTE with your thumbs whether you think a deal is front page worthy or not that more of the Super Great deals would be front paged. I understand that it is the Mods decision ultimately, but if they see that the members are actually voting they may have an easier decision with which ones to put on the front page. Just my opinion...I don't know if everyone agrees, but it is worth a shot.

krmills1 (rep: 14.4k) posted Sep 28, 2012


Mods need to get more involved in picking deals....or have non-reg viewer able to vote on deals. MM don't plus up because it might knock their deal down.

encorez (rep: 10k) posted Sep 28, 2012


I have to admit I'm guilty of not 'Thumbs Down' a deal because its not hot. It may not be Hot to me but to someone else it is. Usually its the spam i give the RED THUMB.

chuckydealpl (rep: 59.7k) posted Sep 28, 2012


ya this site is pretty flawed

kffight3r (rep: 777) posted Sep 28, 2012


Starting today I am thumbing up all of the deals that I really like to help them move along.

erick99 (rep: 432k) posted Sep 28, 2012


Generally the Front Page of DealsPlus is on par with other sites with one major exception, the end of each month. It's been this way ever since I joined and usually the complaints are much more frequent this time of the month.

ragingwookiee (rep: 640k) posted Sep 29, 2012


@ragingwookiee - interesting. never thought about the time of the month. Ill have to keep an eye on it and see if that's when I notice it.

bbattag (rep: 7k) posted Sep 29, 2012


It's strange... I wonder that myself all the time. I find some really good deals, and they don't get plussed at all- then you find these one dollar off deals and they have like 30 +s, what gives??????

MdavidK30 (rep: 3.7k) posted Sep 29, 2012


I'm thinking that a lot of people may not give a thumbs up on something that is a good deal, they will thumbs up something they like even if it isn't a hot deal.

LindaKNor (rep: 22.8k) posted Jan 20, 2013


Yes I was also wondering because I posted 2 deals and one of them got like 20+ plus and 4-5 comments and the other one had 30+ pluses and about 10 comments but the latter one never got frontpaged. Now even though it has around 50 plus and more than 20 comments, it was never shown in frontpage. That is crazy.

nicole56 (rep: 1.1k) posted Feb 06, 2013