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Grocery coupon tips

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Many stores list their weekly sales online and often you can copy them onto a list. Some stores offer a lot of buy one get one free sales. So this is what I would do to save a ton: 1)Check out and save the weekly sales online or in your mail advertisements at your favorite grocery stores. 2)Look online and in your newspaper for coupons, especially for coupons on the sale items. Make sure you read the fine print and check the expiration dates. 3)clip or print these coupons. You can usually use coupons in addition to store sales. 4) Go to an online recipe site that allows you to type in ingredients you want/don't want (like or look up recipes in your cookbooks and plan future meals based off of what is on sale and items for which you have coupons. 5) Do a final coupon search for any specific items you might need to complete your recipes. You can often find coupons on company or manufacture websites 6) Make your final list, organize your coupons, and go save a ton of money! Just don't venture off your list! Remember, you already have several days of meals planned, you don't need ANYTHING else!! Happy Shopping and Happy Savings!!
VirginiaPeanuts posted Jun 24, 2011