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Grocery Coupons

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Ok, I don't like "Extreme" Couponing. I think it's a waste of time and you'll get more bang for your buck saving money in other ways. Yeah, you may be able to get $400 of groceries for .33 cents...but who really needs 68 bottles of Maalox, and where are you going to store 54 cases of paper towels? Plus, you're going to have to go back to the store later in the week for the real food: meat, dairy and produce - even if you will have enough Lucky Charms to feed your whole school district for the next 3 years. There's a reason "Hoarders" and "Extreme Couponing" are on the same station... Think about it! Extreme Couponing is a Hoarding Condition. With that being said, here hopefully are some useful suggestions (some which many of us already know)... Only buy what you need and what you will use! This is a main concept of saving money, but one some people refuse to follow. People want to "get a deal" even if they don't use a product. Don't fall for it. The concept goes the same for couponing...don't cut every coupon because you may or could buy it. Your good/useable coupons will get lost in the shuffle and you'll be wasting too much time. I suggest, if you're on facebook, you "like" your favorite products and stores. Many will notify you of special offers for products or provide coupons (even free samples) to you for products you really want and will most definitely use. Another thing... Coupons are availible on ebay. If you use a lot of a particular brand or item, it may be worth it for you to check there.  You can research and post deals on this site with the time you save not having to cut so many coupons! Bottom line...Keep it simple... Don't waste too much time... And, if something seems too good to be true (like extreme couponing) it probably is.
MHT962 posted Jul 04, 2011
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ditto double on comment above

notworthallthis (new user) posted Nov 06, 2012