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Guidelines for negative votes

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Came across these guidelines elsewhere and am wondering what other members think of them and to what extent they would be applicable to our Heating Up feature here at Negative votes Everyone likes to be positive. Vote negative only when it is truly deserved. If there is any funny business with a deal, vote it negative. Deals that are not fair, not universal, cost too much, benefit the poster or some other side partner, those all qualify as junk deals and should be voted negatively. Fortunately, the {...} staff and community ferret out most of these before they hit the main page. Is there a better price on the same product (including shipping)? Vote it down! But be sure to post or point to the better deal. Is the product out of stock? DON'T vote it negative. It might have been a great deal that you were just too late on. Instead, flag it as dead. Is the product a piece of junk? Vote it down, but tell us that you bought one why it is not worth the rest of the community buying one. Do you want to vote a deal negatively because the poster voted down one of yours? Come on, we're not in third grade anymore. :-O Do you honestly feel that it is not a good deal? Then vote it down, and say why! You can bet that the rest of the {...} community will chime in and share their thoughts too!
becky457 posted Jun 01, 2011

i love the idea, i have seen prices for products that get heated up but i've seen it cheaper else where. I like the idea of other posters to contribute more of why its a bad deal, it'll give other consumers insight of weather the deal is worth your time. Another plus is, deal posters can be more particulate of what they post instead of any normal deal.

MrBklynW (rep: 426k) posted Jun 01, 2011


i agree! i have someone -5 on stuff of mine that is just news or a chance at a freebie. there is no explanation or reason for it either! i really think that someone is mad at a - i gave that was legit too. that's the bad part about leaving your two cents. i wish we had the ability to block certain ppl from our posts. maybe this could be done and made fair by putting a limit on the number of blocks, or a time frame. i'm SO sick of ppl doing this to me. i'll admit, i've accidently duped but i NEVER done it on purpose. whether we mis-spell or the link is diff and doesn't show up... but i have NEVER deserved crap that i get around here. on the childish side, it's hard for me not to finish what someone else starts. :P

lauchremi (rep: 9.5k) posted Jun 02, 2011


getting REALLY mad now... even a thumbs down to my "legit" comment here...

any moderators? please help... i'm really, really frustrated.

lauchremi (rep: 9.5k) posted Jun 02, 2011


Some people live to be negative, and stumble upon opportunities like this to wield some power to dish out thumbs down. I can imagine them sitting in their little boxes late at night clicking negatives and thumbs downs and getting a jolt of joy in their loins as they sit alone with their Capri Sun packets and copies of Loser Magazine and tissues scattered about the floor.

In such cases I guess we provide society with a service. Otherwise these trolls would be scurrying about in the sewers stamping our poops thumbs down or rotting away at the DMV.

BigJJ (rep: 21.7k) posted Jun 02, 2011


the internet is like a playground full of anonymous bullies. Some people are just looking to cause trouble.

solowkoe (rep: 5.7k) posted Jun 03, 2011


I agree with everything but the "not universal" part.

I do not have a Frys near me and a lot of Frys deals are in store only.
I would NOT vote it negative for that fact. Some people can benefit from the Frys deal.

akaricke (rep: 161k) posted Jun 03, 2011