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Has a new DP policy been implemented for permitting dupes ?

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I posted a deal for Target Legos 14 hours ago. I have repeatedly flagged and left comments under this duplicate deal throughout the day.(One of the comments I left about 2 hours ago was removed.) I have been a member of the DP community for 6+ years; and, in the past the mods have always "buried" dupes or the contributor has had the integrity to mark their dupe "expired." Obviously, this is not the case in this instance. Has a new DP policy been implemented allowing "chosen/privileged" people to post duplicates? If so, I don't think this is fair. Any input would be appreciated:) Thanks!

EzzyLovesToSave (L5) posted Nov 13, 2016

Hi, Ezzy. I see both of those posts up right now...

Same thing happened to JCPenney Black Friday appliance sale : /

shimisi (L5) posted Nov 13, 2016


Hey ,shimisi......so sorry this happened to you:(
I enjoy DP sooooooooooooo much; but, this kind of stuff is really disheartening:(

EzzyLovesToSave (L5) posted Nov 13, 2016


It's happened to a few of us including myself. A select few DP employees have deemed themselves "special" I guess, and ignore/remove deal flags when they have produced a duplicate deal that us MM's put up first. They also remove the comments on the deal and continue to let their dup deal stand even when the flags/comments indicate proof that there is an original before theirs.
All deals and coupons have listing #'s that show which deal/coupon was produced first.
If a MM makes a dup deal it is removed eventually if flagged but some mods/employees don't seem to care about longstanding rules and policies.

Some mods/employees don't clear flagged deals or refresh deals as they should either.

This practice is very frustrating, irritating and not right. These employees that do this are sending a message to MM's that they are of little to no value, whether that is intentional or not. If a dup is made it needs to be removed and the original refreshed to new irregardless of the poster. There is something to be said about integrity, morals and respect. These are awesome values to have and hold.

blackfoot (L5) posted Nov 13, 2016


this is been happening for a while now one of the reasons i stop posting and recently i decided to give it a try again and notice that they are still doing this.

rd995 (L5) posted Nov 14, 2016


Thanks for the feedback. I've highlighted these issues for the team.

tr1plication (L2) posted Nov 14, 2016