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has anyone ever....

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has anyone ever gotten accepted into the moneymaker program, only to be banned a few days later? and the Mod gives no reason or even a reply back to me? Why do the mods feel like they can provide poor customer service like that, and act like they are above everything? 
It really frustrates me that I cant make money off this site and the money i worked hard to earn wont be paid to me.
bodybybouey posted May 06, 2013

I'll try my best to remain neutral in this, but it seems like you are more seeing it as a 'right' and not a 'privilege' as it more likely would be.
On the flip side here, would you be able to provide us all the the times that you have sent the emails and what the contents may be?

cid681 (rep: 1.1k) posted May 06, 2013


Dont really know, I've been on the MM for only a weel :). Good Luck. If you are banned there has to be a good reason.

kevin07 (rep: 25.9k) posted May 06, 2013


I get that it is a privilege, but if I don't violate any terms, why would my privilege be revoked? I cant provide you with times that I have emailed because they are contained within this system and not with Gmail or anything like that, the contents are simply asking for the reason why I was removed from the program without warning, and without even doing anything improper. I honestly just think they did not want to pay me money.

bodybybouey (rep: 64) posted May 08, 2013


I can understand the frustration....

But I do not think that it is wise to say that the mods suck or anything like that. It will not get you anywhere good.

jkbane (rep: 27) posted May 08, 2013



I have the same problem as you, I worked about 1 week and I earn $40 and after this my account was disabled without a good reason (and mod reply difficult to messages, or does not respond to some). I have to say that they never gave me the $ 40. I think the mods favor some people.

@jkbane The Mod will not more active anyway MM account, and maybe he's right "modssuck".

superquasar (rep: 2.1k) posted May 08, 2013


Once you've been removed from the program, they do not need to pay you the money you have earned during that time period. I feel bad you've been removed from the program, but maybe you should give it a little more time to get back to you. Hopefully they do soon. Good luck!

Jazmine_ilene (rep: 14.3k) posted May 09, 2013


I have been with DP for a few years now and have NEVER been treated anything but above board and fairly. In fact, mods have often gone above and beyond just what is "necessary" to treat us MM as family here at DP. To say unkind things about them without any proof of this I think is uncalled for. I am certain if you were removed from the program there was a reason and if you are patient I am sure they will explain..... more than likely, you already know the reason, if you understand my meaning....

WideAnglePhoto (rep: 33.4k) posted May 09, 2013


it has been 2 full weeks, much longer than the 72 hours they advertise that it takes to respond. And I do feel justified in saying that the moderators on this site have not treated me fairly. I do have the right to say unkind things about them, i have been patient and they have not given me a reason. I understand your meaning but they have not treated me as "family" as they have for you. That's what I don't understand.

I get it, you want to defend people that have been good to you, but to go as long as I have without any explanation or reasoning, I dont feel is right. That's why I spoke out. thanks for understanding my meaning.

bodybybouey (rep: 64) posted May 09, 2013