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"Heating Up" Section - Deals need to move faster (IMHO)

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I was looking at Heating Up Section and noticed something - a lot of deals (almost 80%) if not more are more then 10 hours old (between 10 and 23 hours) Some of the deals are 1 day specials or even so hot that minutes can make a difference (when price is way too low and item will sell fast). I think it is important to pay more attention to those deals and feature them on FP as soon as they are found. A lot of deals are copied from Slick Deals forums, which is really popular and those deals will sell much quicker. I think this issue was raised before but it has to be addressed again. Also some of the deals "intentionally" getting higher score lowered (from Heating Up section) so they dont get to FP. I saw some of my deals loose 5-10 points and after 23 hours are removed (expired) as well as other people deals. My guess is that mods do not want to promote sites which do not pay them for advertisement. This sucks as some of the deals are really FP worthy. What do you think?
belarus94 posted Jan 06, 2012
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There needs to be a mod, whose sole job it is to move the great deals up before they expire. Not wait for votes. Just move the great deals to the FP.

encorez (rep: 10k) posted Jan 08, 2012