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Heating up section: I have a feeling that plussed deals are not moving automatically to FP but being moved by invisible hand?

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I noticed that deals in Heating up section do not move automatically to front page once they reach certain amount of pluses. I see some deals are go up to 28 pluses before they get on FP and some that have only 15. I have the feeling that some invisible hand from the mods help some deals to get to FP faster / sooner (favoritism again)? Not that I'm bitching about it. I might even get on the mods shit list and will not get to FP at all. But I am speaking my thoughts out loud here.
belarus94 posted Oct 06, 2011

See FAQ's under "How does a deal become a "Hot Deal"? Is there anything I can do to get my deal on the front page?":

Acarone (DealsPlus mod) posted Oct 06, 2011


mods have control to pick the most real popular deals. not the most friend friendly ones........

encorez (rep: 10k) posted Oct 06, 2011


One think I think that the mods look at is not how many pluses a deal has but how many people plussed the deal.

jamesjr55 (rep: 21.8k) posted Oct 06, 2011


Not always true (unfortunately). I find it hard to believe a deal that is 100% cash back is not better than the same at 50% off. Some deals have even been full price (never understood that either). A few have been inaccurate (flagged and commented on) but moved up anyway. :(

Even the coupon section leaves much to be desired - no expiration dates, partial info, wrong info and a few are just nonsense.

I do appreciate whoever tweets the deals & my thanks goes out to him.
Again, will $makers ever be able to promote deals as we do coupons? There would be less complaining if we all worked together and benefited as a whole ;)

omegafemale (rep: 214k) posted Oct 06, 2011


deja vu, rick? ;)

Oh ya, it also irks me to see deals that "LOOK" cheap but are spoiled by the shipping costs.

omegafemale (rep: 214k) posted Oct 09, 2011


I agree with the shipping especially in the freebies section. It's not truly free if you have to pay something even if its just shipping and the item is free.

nskcsf (rep: 1.6k) posted Oct 12, 2011