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Help listing tricky items

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I am a bit confused as to which heading we should list a deal on a tablet for Computers? Communications? Does it change from each brand on which heading is better suited? And can you think of any other tricky items that you may have problems finding the best place to list. For instance free e-books, freebies or books.
Jlovesonic posted Mar 10, 2011

For a netbook I would go with computer. There are many items that are tricky, but that is a double edged issue - if they make more and more categories it will get cluttered and become difficult to find the correct listing item.

Thanks for trying to get things in the right place!

karthwyne (rep: 1.3k) posted Mar 11, 2011


I would personally place a Tablet in the Computers section. I would assume most retailers do the same on their own website as well. For anything Free, I place it under the FREE section regardless of what the item is. However when I get frustrated and can't find an appropriate category or my browser acts up (seems to happen often) I place items in the OTHER category and move on. My $0.02

ragingwookiee (rep: 640k) posted Mar 11, 2011


Under which category the pet stuff deals should be posted?

shaheen (rep: 14.2k) posted Mar 11, 2011


Placing items in a category is a unique way to get some of your deals seen. Of course you want to be honest, but some items, like ipod headphones, can fit into two different places. That's the beauty of freedom of choice. God Bless America!

BigJJ (rep: 21.7k) posted Mar 11, 2011


thank you all for the help on this. it makes sense to put things closest to what a retailer would classify it as. I will keep listing, keep hoping for the best, and if i get outta line someone please smack me and let me know!!!

Jlovesonic (rep: 6.7k) posted Mar 11, 2011