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Hey, DP Staff!

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I'd like to know if posting deals with extensive details is worth it. So many of the FP deals I see were originally posted with only a coupon code, or even worse, no details or description given, Yet they magically appear on the FP with details and with numerous links. Is that the secret to getting a coveted FP deal; posting with minimal effort? If so, I've been wasting my time. Thanks for your input.
EzzyLovesToSave (L5) posted Mar 14, 2020

Hello Ezzy,

What's required for the description is Who, What, When, Code, if applicable, Expiration Date, if available.

Additional information is always a bonus. It may or may not lead to more attention from general DP users.

DP admins are adding additional information, but that will stop soon.

We are thinking about assigning different levels for MMs who submit a deal with complete info + details vs. MMs who just submit a deal with no information at all.

Notbad (L5) posted Mar 14, 2020


Good question, was wondering too

DivaToya (L2) posted Mar 14, 2020


Thanks, Notbad,
"Who." "What." "When." Remind me of my teaching days! (It's the same thing my 1st graders were taught.)

I completely understand deal edits made by the DP staff. You and other DP staff members have "cleaned-up" numerous deals that I have posted and it's always appreciated.

I also understand that newer DP contributors need more assistance. We all had to start somewhere! Several years ago DP initiated a program that paid a few MM to update deals that were sorely lacking details.

I like the idea of lowering contributor levels. However, an awesome deal might not make the FP.
My suggestion: Give half-credit to the contributor who posted the original deal; half credit to a contributor who updates the deal with all pertinent information. (Especially for Level 4/5 users who provide minimal or no info/details.

Thanks, Notbad, for addressing my concern:)

EzzyLovesToSave (L5) posted Mar 14, 2020


a great question, I've always wondered the same thing. Since I do not know about programming or adding hyperlinks to the page, it is good to know. I always try to fill in as much information as I have on the offer, even though those posts with links and more they get many more views.

raulpromocodes (L0) posted Mar 14, 2020


Thank You, Admins & Not Bad for all the help and guidance. I love being part of the "DEALSPLUS+" family!

pgarcia2484 (L3) posted Mar 15, 2020


That is a good clarification. Thanks...

joeserr1203 (L1) posted Mar 17, 2020