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Hey, Mods!...Ezzy has yet another question!

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You guys all do a so much to help me (and others.)...and I know that you put up with a lot of complaining...and I want to thank you!.....It's a wonder you don't have to hire another full time employeee to edit my deals, such as putting things in bold print or fixiing images...when it says, for exanple "PNG"...the only thing I know about it is that it sounds like the word before PONG...PNG-PONG:)~ But I do have yet another question. Suggestions for changes in the "Heating Up" have come up several times: I have seen +++++s shot down on SO many deals. Is there any way possible to have an individual leave a statement as to WHY it is receiving -++++++ I feel that leaving CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM would be welcomed by the "Comminity"...well, at least I would welcome it! Thanks!:)
EzzyLovesToSave posted Sep 30, 2011

I a noob here. What changes are you referring to?

belarus94 (rep: 64.8k) posted Sep 30, 2011


EzzyLovesToSave - you have my vote! GREAT Suggestion - people Should leave SOME sort of reason why they thumb down a deal - other than they just don't like someone for some silly reason!

FibroMom (rep: 242k) posted Sep 30, 2011


Yes please, I have asked a thousand times, please let the voters be visible so that people can be accountable for their actions.
It would stop people from abusing the system by knocking down competing moneymaker deals.

akaricke (rep: 161k) posted Sep 30, 2011


Lets see the thumb-up also, and see the ( clan ) voting.

People only talk about the thumbs down, but it would be cool to see how the same friends always vote for their friends and not the best deals.

Deals that are "Heating Up" are the ones well on their way to being Hot. If you think a deal that's Heating Up is homepage worthy, then go ahead and give it a plus. But if you don't think it's homepage material, you can give it a thumbs down.

encorez (rep: 10k) posted Sep 30, 2011


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Lavernaer (rep: -9) posted Oct 01, 2011


Plus to "CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM" it's one feature that drew me here. See: "To help out these dedicated deal finders, we've created a place where they can search, share, comment, and of course, save money."

Point 1: Comment & thumbs down on a deal led me to add shipping info. It was (is) a good bargain that went front page after I edited. (FYI particular site has a reasonable flat rate policy)

Point 2: Comments only help if the poster can take action:

glwrks (rep: 124k) posted Oct 01, 2011


This crying about thumbs down only comes from people that use this clan system. but never complain when their post goes to the top fast.

encorez (rep: 10k) posted Oct 01, 2011


Thank god the mods sort out all the deals, and only put some on the front page. It would be solid cloths and other household items. How does a ( up to 75% ) deal on clothing get to the front page time after time. It is not any better than going to the store and looking at clearance.

It is obvious that friends are helping out friends here. Plusing up whatever a friend posts, even if it is an average deal.

all that is needed is a list of who gives a plus or negative. then the patterns can be seen.

encorez (rep: 10k) posted Oct 01, 2011


Lots of interesting suggestions. Any mods here?

MrsFranklin (rep: 90) posted Oct 01, 2011