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How are the ads chosen?

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Hi, I was just wondering about how the ads are chosen that appear near the top of the deals. Usually they are from stores known to Dealsplus and offer items similar to those posted by members. Sometimes I click through and look at the items.

I didn't expect to find a questionable site in the ads. But today there was an ad for interesting masks from https://www.vigruop.com/. The site had no address or phone number to contact them. So I checked the website information and found it to be 65 days old with a domain license for only 365 days. The owner and server are in China, considered high risk. There are absolutely no reviews on Trustpilot, WebofTrust, etc., and the Alexa rating is low.

Not sure this is the kind of ad Dealsplus would want on the site.
DealBuster2 (L4) posted Jul 30, 2020

I also noticed that clicking on an ad opens in the same window/tab (replacing the Dealsplus page) instead of opening a new window/tab like clicking on a deal does. So it forces you away from the page you're on.

DealBuster2 (L4) posted Jul 30, 2020


Something I don't have a contol over, but will share your post/comments with the management. Thank you :)

Notbad (L5) posted Jul 30, 2020


Another ad for http//www,locostylish.com shows ownership also out of the US, high risk, 68 days old, 365 day domain license. Not sure if visitors to the site would assume these were safe.

DealBuster2 (L4) posted Aug 01, 2020


It looks like the popularity is going up? Maybe it's related to their aggressive(?) marketing effort

Notbad (L5) posted Aug 03, 2020


But I understand what you are pointing out & will check with our Marketing/Social Media admin to see if we can control the contents being displayed through ad spaces.

Notbad (L5) posted Aug 04, 2020