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How do you feel about ebay postings/deals?

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I don't feel that deals from ebay are actually deals. Just finding a cool/nice object on ebay and posting it on DP doesn't sound like a deal unless they mention what the regular price is. Ebay posts don't have a regular price indicated so it's hard to say if we are actually saving money. What does everyone else think about those?
cid681 posted Mar 27, 2013

While it doesnt mention the regular price its not difficult to find that information to come to the conclusion whether or not its a good deal.

Acidbaby (rep: 7k) posted Mar 27, 2013


@Acidbaby Then it would be most appreciated if that poster look up the price and in the notes of it mention where else it is seen and the cost there. Here's an example of what I mean, and I don't mean to point fingers or single out people.

This is the regular price for the game. Plus the seller is newegg and it was posted through newegg too by someone else.

cid681 (rep: 1.1k) posted Mar 27, 2013


I dont mind seeing them if the deal is actually a really good price from a reputable seller. A lot of the power sellers have some daily deals that really are a good deal. I always do a price comparison on Ebay, google or bing or any other search engine before making any purchase.

akaricke (rep: 161k) posted Mar 27, 2013


eBay has changed a lot from being a place for everyday people to sell stuff, to people owning STORES & basically offering a regular price just as if they had their own website.
But like akaricke mentions, you can find GREAT deal when they have daily sales.

Plus I think people should do a quick price check on all deals they post to get an idea of the average cost. So many stores claim the price is a steal, but it can be higher than other sites. If it gets plussed up lots of people could be paying too much b/c they trust our deal site!

Brentheriot (rep: 64.8k) posted Mar 28, 2013


if its a set price and they have more than 1 its cool

additc (rep: 1.8k) posted Mar 28, 2013


Apple has an eBay store where they sell refurbished Apple products at cheaper prices than on the Apple Store online. Those are very good deals.

DealLeader (rep: 13k) posted Mar 28, 2013


Ebay does have a ton of great deals, so I think it's ok to post deals from there.

People posting "deals" that are not really deals is an issue throughout DP and not just on ebay posts.

bbattag (rep: 7k) posted Mar 28, 2013