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how does the freebie deal work ?

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how do you "get" the freebies ?
botina posted Jul 08, 2011

most the time you need to put in personal information, like your email address or home address. Sometimes you need to go on facebook and "LIKE" a company or product or you might have to do some other task to get the item for free. The best ones don't need anything IMO. Those are my favorites. I try not to post freebies that require you to install a special printer driver or questionable websites that ask for personal info.

When you click on the freebie deal, the link should tell you how to receive the freebie. If not, then someone isn't putting in the information. You can always edit a deal to give the specifics of how to obtain the deal. I hope this helped you.

solowkoe (rep: 5.7k) posted Jul 08, 2011


Never use your real name or primary e-mail address(the spam will never stop), when signing up for freebies.

and pretty much what solowkoe said.

plus, i would recommend staying away from freebies where you have to purchase or sign up for free trials. Well i guess unless you want the service in the first place but to me, it defeats the perpose of a freebie.

Good luck=)

MrBklynW (rep: 426k) posted Jul 08, 2011