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How often do you look online for deals?

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Hourly, daily, weekly? Finding good deals are fun, so how much time are you spending looking for the best ones?
ilene285 (L4) posted Feb 26, 2014

Since I'm on disability due to being on Hemodialysis, if I want something or need something, I will look for the best price. For instance, my cousin bought me the Surface RT for Christmas, but I haven't been able to afford the Type Cover, so I'm waiting to see if I can find the one I want on sale, but the catch is that whenever it's on sale, I don't have the extra money. It's hard for me to save money, so I continue to be patient and wait, lol. But, yeah....I always look for the best deal. I bought my Coach Hobo on EBay for 29.99- and I asked that they send the receipt so I know it's not a knockoff or stolen. If they can't produce the receipt, then I move on. Always on the lookout for great deals, I've even bought stuff that I've posted on here ;)

LilRed77 (L5) posted Feb 26, 2014


I'm a SAHM/babysitter & able to jump online off & on all day long (although I prefer to browse w/out interruption at night) Over the past few years I've gotten pretty knowledgeable about finding deals online. I even get calls from friends & family asking me to shop for them. It can be time consuming & tedious to find the BEST price available (example: coupon/sale/shipping/points combination, including being aware of different loyalty perks stores offer) Most people assume it's a super easy way to earn a buck online (moneymakers), but there's actually a lot of skill involved & it's a learn as you go process that's taken me quite a while to develop.

Brentheriot (L5) posted Feb 26, 2014


I look for deals daily but I buy mostly once a month. hahahahaha :D

alicepattinson (L2) posted Mar 05, 2014


I look in here about once a day, sometimes more because you really never know what you're going to find. And some deals, the really good ones sometimes last a couple of hours.

alexr101 (L1) posted Mar 05, 2014


about once a day

gamehouse88 (L0) posted Aug 08, 2016


I look for the deal or coupons website ,So I often see the deal and coupons .

Ufirst (L0) posted Aug 26, 2016


It up to my wallet, and time. I like scan and grab all kinds of deals many times a day when I have nothing to do, and when I have some surplus.But when I am very busy with my office work, even I am eager to scan the deals, I have no time to do that. I always get crazy for that circumstance.

Glory2016 (L1) posted Sep 02, 2016