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How to Get Reputation Score?

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I'm new here, I don't know how to get reputation score. Anyone help?
Lancher posted Apr 20, 2011

me neither

daybreak (rep: 50) posted Apr 20, 2011


The best way to score big in the reputation area is to post as many great deals that you can find. The better the deal, the more members will plus you up.

BigJJ (rep: 21.7k) posted Apr 21, 2011


Just to add to BigJJ (who seems to be on a roll), you can also get reputation by posting coupons and even comments. If I'm not mistaken, you just got 2 rep points for asking this question (I'm assuming 2 users thumbs up your question). Anyway, posting great deals like BigJJ mentioned is probably the fastest way you boost up your reputation.

PLUSME (rep: 1.6k) posted Apr 21, 2011


It seems that it more difficult then it looks, I've continued to put in deals that I've seen but always seems to be a duplicate even if the price is updated it has a limit. I guess I have to be fast about these deals.

alstalent (rep: 33) posted Apr 21, 2011


@ alstalent

It could be difficult at first. What I recommend is browsing through other deal sites to find great deals and try posting it on here asap. Another way I recommend is signing up for as retailers/stores as you can (you probably should create an email just for these ads/newsletters).

I know it seems like updating a deal doesn't really get you credit or reps but the more deal you update, the more you'll get (I know this kinda seems like common sense).

PLUSME (rep: 1.6k) posted Apr 21, 2011


I know you get 2 points for every comment you leave. I believe the coupon code rep pts are figured by how many pts you accumulate by people clicking on each coupon & same w/deals. And PLUSME was correct about the pts for asking a question, "We subtract the number of thumbs down the question has received from the number of thumbs up. We do not factor in the thumbs ups and thumbs downs given to answers that have been posted in response to the question."
Before you post a "deal," you've got to check to make sure it wasn't already posted since DP doesn't catch all dupes & you will become VERY unpopular here if you start posting a lot of duplicate deals! It's a BIG RACE to see who can post 1st & I swear, some MM stay up 24 hrs a day!

deby32953 (rep: 261k) posted Apr 21, 2011


cicilia, have you tried posting coupon codes, leaving comments, and plussing deals & codes? I submitted codes here over a year before I applied to MM so I never had such a problem. You have to build a good rep slowly. You may want to email DP and ask them directly. They are pretty good about replying to your questions.

deby32953 (rep: 261k) posted Apr 22, 2011


Wow, I didn't know you'd get 2 pts for every comment left. Good stuff.

arsiel (rep: 13.1k) posted Apr 22, 2011


I just started and I hope i get these 2 points!

ShadowD (rep: 7) posted Nov 16, 2011


Same here just joined, looking for good start :)

tawa224 (new user) posted Nov 16, 2011

DealsPlus User

Can I get some reputation too, I'll return the same favor :)

AnonymousAnonymous (new user) posted Nov 16, 2011


I am also new here. After reading some of the answers, I think some have misunderstood us, we post such questions doesn't mean that we care much about the reputation, but it's because that without Rep, we new can not post deals. Thanks

lukeoasap (rep: 17) posted Jun 13, 2014