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How to increase my reputation?

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How to increase my reputation?
sunshing posted Jun 07, 2011

Your reputation will increase when other users plus deals and coupons you post. It will also go up when people thumbs up your comments on deals and questions or responses in the ask and share section.

zarrow (rep: 2.2k) posted Jun 07, 2011


There are about 1,000 deals posted every day, so your chance of a deal getting plussed is pretty slim. New people starting out can usually pick up points more quickly by submitting substantive comments on deals. If somebody with 5 badges plusses your comment, you will get 5 rep points. You have one badge, so you have only 1 rep point to give. When you reach about 50, you will get a second badge.
Somebody else can advise you about coupons. I submitted one once and after it expired, people gave me negatives and my rep went down, so I never tried it again.

becky457 (rep: 6.4k) posted Jun 07, 2011


I ate a entire bag of Funyuns in 2 minutes and had a tremendous reputation with a bunch of frat boys after that.

BigJJ (rep: 21.7k) posted Jun 07, 2011


Here are my stats, sunshing. As you can see, you can accumulate literally a ton of points from making comments. And rewards people who add value to the site and who help out in ways other than submitting deals by giving them the higher (4 and 5) level badges sooner. That's why you see some people with 10,000+ rep points who have only 4 badges because their contributions are of less value to the site whereas some people with many fewer rep points have 5 badges because they do extra. And quality of deals matters too - if you do a lot of deal spamming, your promotion will be much slower in coming.
Hello, becky457!
4,404 reputation
Posts Reputation
450 deals 2,395
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1,040 comments 2,003
1,430 plussed deals
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becky457 (rep: 6.4k) posted Jun 08, 2011


Thank you very much for all help, I do appreciate! :)

sunshing (rep: 302) posted Jun 09, 2011