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I know, I ask a lot of questions...

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... but I'm still trying to get the hang of things around here, lol! Anyways, has anyone ever tried to submit a deal and after you entered the URL, the "Step 2" page came up with no title, no picture, no url, no name of company, etc. Basically, it was blank, (but NOT a blank, white screen page though, does that make sense?) What to do when this happens? Can we just submit it anyways by adding everything in ourselves (except for the "see it" button)? How would the "see it" button work out then? Thanks!
daisydeadpetals posted Mar 18, 2011

Yes..This has happened to me as well! I do as you mentioned above...fill out all the fields manually from the deal site.

---> copy image location of the deal ( move mouse over the image of the deal on deal site >> right click >> copy image location)
---> Enter the relevant title of the deal

---> Enter price and shipping information

---> Enter description

To my experience "See it" button doesn't sometimes reflect the changes.It only does it after you SUBMIT the deal. You can anyways edit the deal later on if at all somethings doesn't show up as you wanted it to!

Hope this helps!

robo05 (rep: 2.6k) posted Mar 19, 2011


This happens whenever I try to submit a deal from Sears. It's annoying but I fill everything out like Robo said. :)

Beautifulminds (rep: 2.5k) posted Mar 19, 2011


Cool thanks guys! I just wanted to make sure it would go through ok even if I did it manually. I'll try it :)

daisydeadpetals (rep: 2.9k) posted Mar 19, 2011