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I need a job can anyone please help me out ?

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any type of job
ajesta76 posted May 23, 2012

McDonald's is ALWAYS hiring. Having a Job is better than sitting home all day because atleast you get paid.

gangstabarbie (rep: 21k) posted May 23, 2012


The best way to start is to just get out there and start looking. If you need any help with any steps during the process (writing a resume, job interview tips, etc.), let us know and I'm sure lots of people here will be more than happy to help. :) Good luck!

canis444 (rep: 263) posted May 23, 2012


How can anyone possibly help you? We have no clue if your a male or female. No clue how old you are. Your health, knowledge, etc etc. The majority of job openings in the USA are in the energy sector. In Pennsylvania and Ohio thousands of jobs are posted monthly due to the massive success of natural gas exploration and drilling.

Acidbaby (rep: 7k) posted May 23, 2012


I would suggest looking on job sites like Monster, etc and/or local sites. You can often find decent job listings on craigslist. If you want a specific type of job, there are sites that specify in certain areas such as,,, etc... just do a google search

VirginiaPeanuts (rep: 12.4k) posted May 23, 2012


Both of my sons have been through this since last year. The unemployment rate for folks between 18 and 25 is a bit over 16%. It would be helpful if you told us where you live, how old you are, your education, skills, previous jobs, and anything else that might be useful. While you are doing that I will make one suggestion to you: Don't sit at home and fill out one online application after another without following up in person (preferable)or on the phone. My sons were doing that for months before I made them go to the last few places they had applied and ask to speak to the hiring manager. Both got jobs that week (one at a landscaping business and one at a grocery store). You are competing against a lot of others so managers can really pick and choose. They are more likely to choose someone with enough sense and determination to come in and ask for the job.

erick99 (rep: 432k) posted May 23, 2012


Hope this helps!:)

EzzyLovesToSave (rep: 428k) posted May 23, 2012


Demographics would be helpful. If you're really willing to work "any job" then just listen to people's suggestions and definitely get yourself out there. The economy's not great but I don't think finding a job would be too difficult if you're willing to put in the work.

arsiel (rep: 13.1k) posted May 23, 2012


Try Craigslist job postings in your area

chuckydealpl (rep: 59.7k) posted May 24, 2012


You can also apply to the Moneymakers program here and if accepted, stay up all night long, find and post great deals and make tons of $.

chuckydealpl (rep: 59.7k) posted May 24, 2012